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4 Easy Health Resolutions to Make for the New Year

It happens to all of us. With the changing of the year comes a rush of adrenaline – we're excited about what possibilities the next year holds. We feel a new sense of vigor and determination. This will be the year! Healthier me, here I come!

But then, somewhere between Groundhog Day and Valentine's… everything falls apart. A winter storm ruins your exercise plans. Those sweets you swore off January first start showing up at work again. You fall off course and throw in the towel. "I'll try again, some other day!" You tell yourself.

What if there was a simple and affordable way to help your healthy habits stick? What if you didn't have to overhaul your life just because it's January? Did you know that studies show it's our small habit changes that can add up to the make the biggest difference?

Here are 4 healthy resolutions you can make this year. Each of these is simple to incorporate in your daily life without interrupting your lifestyle. Add one per week, each week this month. Watch as these daily habits make a difference in the way you look and feel.


1) Drink a full glass of room temperature water every morning. 

Most of us start the day dehydrated and never catch up. That cup of coffee—though it's liquid—is likely dehydrating your body even more. Leave a full cup of water on your bed stand every evening and drink it down when you wake up each morning. Room temperature water is easier on your digestive system first thing in the morning than cold water. Drinking water will also help flush your system of toxins and give you a dose of energy to face whatever your morning holds.


2) Add 1 session of mindful breathing each afternoon.

Before you head to the vending machine or the coffee pot, take a full minute and focus on deep inhales and exhales. If you have a fitness tracker or Apple watch, these gadget may help you. Otherwise, see if you can find an app on your phone to guide you through a deep breathing process. Most of us don't stop and breathe nearly enough. Taking a daily "pause" will help you feel more energy and clarity. The mental rest can help bring down your stress levels and blood pressure too.


3) Sneak in 10 minutes of extra movement.

I'm not talking about an extra ten minutes at the gym. Instead, find minutes in your regularly scheduled life where you can add a few extra steps or extra movement. Waiting for the coffee to brew in the morning? Try adding some calf raises. (Roll up on your toes and count to three, then roll back to your heels for three more seconds.) As you wait for your lunch to finish re-heating in the microwave, add a few squats or walk around the room. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or pace the floor as you talk on the phone. Working from home? Take a 3 minute break every few hours to walk outside. Even if it's just up and down your driveway you'll be amazed at what a difference it can make!


4) Try a proBLENopathy booster.

Each of these ideas are easy, but this is the easiest! proBLEN's easy-to-use formulas can help your body work as it was designed to work. Each of our specially blended formula are designed to meet your specific health needs. Thyroid sluggish? Check out the Thyroid booster. Struggling with a lack of energy or weight gain? Check out our tested, tried and true HGH boosters. Low libido, hot flashes, hormone fluctuations, or low Testosterone? There are boosters for each of these health struggles. Check out the full line of proBLENopathy hormone boosters here.

Then, add a bottle to your daily routine. Give your mouth a spray a few times a day. Grab two bottles, one to keep at work and one for home, so you can use the spray in the afternoon too. Forget pills and injections, proBLEN makes it easy to meet your health goals comfortably and affordably. Learn more here.



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