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4 Signs You Need a Detox

Your body is designed with filters to usher out toxins, but sometimes these systems become overwhelmed. Stress, sugar, environmental toxins, and chemicals in our food can put extra strain on the organs designed to help us detox. When this happens, you’ll feel it. There are clear signs that your body is begging for some help in the detoxification department. Here are five signs you need a detox.


1. You Have Skin Issues

From acne to rashes, to dry skin, to wrinkles that seem more obvious than ever—your skin is one of the first places you can look to see if your body is struggling to detoxify. The skin is actually a part of our excretory system. We naturally shed toxins through our skin every day. But when the skin is showing signs of toxin overload—it’s time to wake up and take action. The skin, the largest organ in our body, shows us a picture of what’s going on inside. If our skin looks irritated, extra dry, or lacks that healthy glow—understand that topical products aren’t your solution. Help your skin look healthier, younger, and more vibrant by focusing on detoxifying what’s inside. Then, watch as your skin tells the story of a healthier you.


2. Headaches & Brain Fog

Did you know that headaches could be one of the first signals that your body is ready for a detox? Sure, there are many reasons that one can have a headache—but if you’re having chronic headaches that aren’t explained by any other cause, toxins could be to blame. The same applies to brain fog. If you find that you feel “fuzzy” and just can’t seem to think clearly, an overload of toxins could be to blame. Remember: when you detox, sometimes these symptoms can get even worse the first few days as your body pushes toxins out. But, after a few days of detoxification, your symptoms should subside and you should be able to think more clearly—and pain free.


3. Digestion Issues

Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea—these can all be signs that your digestive system is crying out for some help. If these are your “normal”—and there are no other diagnosable issues with your digestive system—then this is a clear sign a detox is in order. Our colons were made to help us detox. But, when we overload our systems with processed food and sugar—our colons can get bogged down, and things don’t “move” quite as smoothly as they should. Combine a diet of raw, fiber-rich, and fresh foods while using a detox supplement and experience relief from digestive system woe.

4. Always Tired

Believe it or not—you don’t have to feel old just because your driver’s license says you’re aging. Fatigue or a feeling of sluggishness can be a sign that your body’s systems need a little help clearing things out. If you’re sleeping all night long and still feel like you can’t make it through the day without caffeine, a detox may be what your body is crying for. 

How to Detox

There are many ways you can detox your body—some are more effective than others. But, one way to get started is to try one of ProBLEN’s easy to use detox products. The affordable and effective homeopathic sprays safely and naturally aid your body in the detoxification process. Try ProBLEN’s Air Detox to help clear your lungs so they’re better able to fight off viral invaders like respiratory illness. Or, use ProBLEN’s Metals Detox to help purify your body of the many toxins you are exposed to each day through skin products, food, packaging, and the environment. Both of these products offer a great way to detox your body and help you alleviate the symptoms of toxin overload. Learn more here.

4 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox and Best Detox Products

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