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4 Surprising Ways You Suppress Your Immune System

It’s important to build up and strengthen your immune system, as we discussed in this article and this article. But, it’s just as important to not suppress your immune system. There are commonly understood ways that we do that—from eating too much sugar to stressing too much. But there are a few other, less talked about ways that we can prevent our immune system from performing at its best. Here are 4 surprising ways you suppress your immune system.


1.  Loneliness. 

 This is a tough one, especially in the era of pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. But, loneliness causes oxidative stress that hurts your immune function. A 2015 studysuggests that the simple act of hugging someone can buffer stress and reduce your susceptibility to illness. Yet, in the age of social distancing—we’re not meeting this very basic human need for physical contact. 


So how do you fight loneliness in this time? It’s important to find community. Join online groups, attend online religious services, reach out to friends and do a zoom call “happy hour” or play an online game together. Be intentional about finding time to spend with people, communicating, laughing, and engaging every week. Some studies also suggest that getting a dog can help assuage loneliness and give you someone you can hug despite the virus.


2. Over-exercising.

If a little exercise is healthy, than a lot of exercise is really healthy, right? Not necessarily. Too much exercise or over-training can make the body more susceptible to illness because it puts extra stress on your system. If exercise makes you more tired than you were before you started or if immediately after exercise you crave sweets, your body may be signaling to you that it’s working too hard. Take it easy for a few days and allow that immune system some time to recover too.


3.  Grief.

 If you’ve recently experienced loss, your immune system may be weakened because of your body’s cortisol response. Studies show that people who have recently lost a loved one have a weakened immune response. Finding healthy ways to deal with grief—such as a grief support group—can help you process and journey through grief in a way that’s kinder to your immune system.


4. Too Little Time Outdoors.

You probably know that Vitamin D is a key to a strong immune system, but did you know that getting that Vitamin D outside – direct from the sun –will boost your immune system’s ability to fight infection? Staying indoors limits your ability to capture that Vitamin D, naturally. Additionally, plants in the woods produce organic compounds that you breathe in when you’re outside around plants. These are called phytoncides and they can help you bolster immune function. 



Being aware of all of these ways you can suppress your immune system can help you stay healthy this winter and all year long! Looking for extra ways to give your immune system a boost? Check out this all natural, homeopathic, easy-to-use immune building supplement that will help your body do what it’s designed to do—protect you from viruses and disease! Learn more here.


 4 ways suppress immune system

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