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7 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

No one wants to look and feel old. Of course, aging is a gift. But, just because you've had the blessing of all those birthdays doesn't mean you want them to look and feel like you've travelled over the hill. Here are seven ways to look and feel younger that don’t require you to slather on expensive creams or take any more pills!  

1. Exercise Often. Don't punish your body with cardio or exercise you don't enjoy. Instead, choose activities that help you feel energetic and alive. Even walking can help your body stay looking and feeling younger. Consider strength training too because as our bodies lose muscle mass, we tend to look and feel older.    

2. Stay Hydrated. When your skin is dry, wrinkles and other signs of aging become very obvious. A well-hydrated body and hydrated skin will help you feel more energetic and look like you're younger too.    

3. Sleep. Everyone knows what the mirror reflects after a poor night of sleep. Prioritizing sleep is vital if you want to stay looking and feeling younger. Turn off your screens at least an hour before bedtime to allow your body to wind down and prepare for rest. Consider incorporating a bed-time tea, bath, or other relaxing habits to help you wind down and prepare for rest.   

4. Fall in Love. It's true. Love has a powerful impact on all the chemicals in your body. If you've been married for decades and the flame is gone, light the match again with intentionality. proBLENopathy's Libido booster is one safe and effective way you can find your spark again. Learn more about it here.    

5. Stress Less. Nothing will age a person faster than stress. It takes a toll on the way we feel and the way we look. In fact, stress is a leading cause of all kinds of health ailments that will further make us look and feel older. What can you do to de-stress? Plan an intentional day off each week. Find an activity you enjoy and make time for it regularly. Take time to breathe, be in nature, pray or meditate, and listen to calming music. Spending just a few minutes each day intentionally relaxing can help you manage stress better.   

6. Amp Up Your Antioxidants and Omega-3s. From acai berries to raspberries and goji fruit—there are so many superfruits that are high in antioxidants that are available in many forms now to help you improve the way you look and feel. Likewise, Omega-3 fatty acids like the ones in avocados, salmon, walnuts, and seeds can help you feel better, burn fat, and help your skin look healthier.    

7. Help Your Cells. If you really want to stay looking and feeling younger, you must help your body at the cellular level. proBLENopathy has a safe and effective way to do just that. Check out some of the options below:

proBLEnopathy Telomere/DNA booster helps protect the tiny tips of your DNA called Telomeres. Some believe that protecting telomeres is the secret to longevity. proBLEN's safe, effective, and affordable formula also contains a boost of Omega 3s and vitamins to help you look and feel younger.    

proBLENopathy HGH Complex booster is an amino-acid based supplement designed to treat the signs and symptoms of low HGH. If you want a hormone-free and chemical-free way to have better nails, hair, and skin—this booster is for you. It can also help you feel more energetic and burn fat.   

Plus, proBLENopathy has a wide assortment of other homeopathic boosters that are safe, side effect free, and can help you look and feel younger. If you're struggling with sluggish thyroid, estrogen and progesterone balance, low testosterone, or other hormone balance issues—check out the full selection of easy-to-use boosters here.  

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