Adrenal & DHEA
Adrenal DHEA Booster

Adrenal & DHEA

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Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster

1. Aralia Quinquefolia

Stimulant to secretory glands, especially salivary Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord for Lumbago – Sciatica and Rheumatism and Paralytic weakness. Acts on Skin Symptoms as in itching – pimples on neck and chest

2. Ashwagandha

Strengthens Immune System after an illness

Frequently referred to as Indian Ginseng because of rejuvenating properties.

Relieves Stress – Fatigue – Lack of energy – Difficulty Concentrating.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression without drowsiness.

Help reduce brain cell degeneration

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Helps lower Cholesterol

Offers anti-inflammatory benefits

Enhances Sexual Potency for both Men and Women

3. Avena Sativ

Also known as oats Natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers (Natural Viagra)

4. Carduus Marinus

Detoxifies and protects the liver cells.

Used for Nausea – Loss of Appetite- Bile Complaints and Liver Problems. Gallbladder – Vomiting – Hepatitis – Venous Weakness – Cirrhosis Hepatitis – Varicose Veins – Itchy at night.


Lowers inflammation.

Helps improve Bone Density and Muscle Mass

Protects against Depression and Cognitive Decline and Mood Swings

Improves Heart Health

Lowers Diabetes Risk

Decreases Sexual Dysfunction and can improve Libido

6. Glandular Supranealls

Used to improve adrenal function relieves, Fatigue – Stress – increases resistance to illness. Helps with psoriasis - Rheumatoid Arthritis.

7. L-Arginine

Increases Nitric Oxide production

Supports health Blood Pressure- Cholesterol – Energy – Muscle Development – Vigor and Performance – Heart Health and overall health.

8. Natrum Muriaticum

Regulates water balance and water distribution in the body

Useful in ailments involving water imbalance such as sinus – Hay fever – Edema – Puffy Eyes – Perspiration Problems

Dark Circles under eyes indicates the need for Natrum Muriaticum

Maybe of value in Glaucoma

Relieves Dry Eyes – Itchy Eyes – Poor Eye Sight

Supports Kidney Function

Balances electrolytes of sodium and correctly distributes the mineral sodium chloride in the body.

Helps with Low Energy – Depression and Excessive Sensitivity - High Blood Pressure - Slow Digestion with Heartburn.

9. Phosphoricum Acidym DX

It mainly acts on the Brain – Nerves- Blood – Kidneys- Mucous Membranes – Male & Female Sexual Organs and Bones

10. Rhodiola

Used to increase Energy – Stamina – Strength – Metal Capacity

Helps body adapt to and resist Physical Chemical and Environment Stress

Improves Athletic Performance

Shortening recovery time after long workouts

Improves Athletic Performance – Depression – Heart Disorders – Irregular Heart Beat and High Cholesterol.

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