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Boost Thyroid, Lose Weight? How Thyroid Health Affects Weight Loss
Summer’s here and the weight loss frenzy permeates the media. Ads encouraging us
to, “Try this pill,” or “Use this exercise gizmo,” offer hope that weight loss is only a
new diet or workout away.

But what if you’re problem isn’t about food choices or exercise? What if you’ve tried
every diet, and you exercise appropriately, but losing weight still feels impossible.
What do you do then?

You look for a root cause.

When it comes to losing weight, too often we try to beat our bodies into submission.
We restrict calories or exercise harder, thinking that maybe it will bring the desired
results: weight loss. But, no matter what we restrict, we can’t make our body
cooperate. In fact, in some cases, it feels like we keep gaining weight, even though
the calorie counts and expenditures should make that impossible.

But weight loss isn’t only about calories in and calories out. Weight loss is also about
hormones. And, if you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, it may not be your food
choices or exercise habits that are to blame. It may be your thyroid!

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of your neck that
controls the release of several hormones. When your thyroid malfunctions, your
body feels out of whack. Without the proper amount of hormones, calories and
oxygen cannot be properly converted to energy and your metabolism changes.

If your thyroid is slow, or you have hypothyroidism, this change in your metabolism
may be causing your weight struggle. Hypothyroidism, the technical name for
underactive thyroid, makes you feel lethargic and even depressed. So, in addition to
metabolism challenges, you physically may not feel well enough to exercise or make
healthy choices.

Thyroid issues are very common, with more than 25 million people suffering from
an underactive thyroid alone. Women are seven to ten times more likely to suffer
from thyroid issues. And, about half of all thyroid issues in older adults go
undiagnosed. If you’re feeling symptoms such as weakness and tiredness,
depression, dry skin, brittle nails, difficulty handling cold temperatures, or weight
gain—you may need to get your thyroid checked.

how thyroid affects weight loss

Uncovering the mystery of your thyroids role in weight gain and loss may be the key
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