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DNA / RNA Replication & Your Health

What if I told you that the key to your health lives inside one magnificent process that happens inside your cells every single day? Would you believe me?

That process is called cellular replication. The key to your health? That’s found in your DNA and RNA.

The trillions of cells in your body contain both of these nucleic acids. Your DNA contains the blueprints for everything—from what kind of species you are (human, I hope) to what color eyes you have. RNA is a special messenger that reads the DNA blueprints and delivers instructions to your cells in order to make proteins.

Cellular replication and transcription is an amazing process that utilizes both RNA and DNA. The DNA helix unravels as it prepares to split and reproduce itself. As this process occurs, RNA travels down the helix to gather the information in needs for protein construction and function. 

This process keeps us alive. In fact, it’s vital that our DNA and RNA replicate, and replicate well. Without RNA we have no translation of DNA, which means we have no proteins. In short: No proteins, no life.

So, if DNA and RNA are so important to our earthly existence, it only makes sense that we should take good care of them. Unfortunately though, this isn’t as easy as it once was. In fact, many of our modern diseases and illnesses are a result of the challenges our DNA and RNA face every day.

Threats ranging from environmental toxins (you’ve likely heard of “free radicals”) to genetically modified foods (GMO, for short) can damage our DNA and RNA. Pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and even stress can cause genetic mutations in our DNA or kill our cells prematurely.

Damaged DNA and RNA can make us feel bad and shorten our life expectancy. When mutation happens to brain cells, we become more susceptible to things like depression and anxiety. We also face a greater risk of heart disease, Cancer, and other illnesses. 

Instead of making us feel bad, some of the side effects of harmed DNA/RNA make us look bad! Brittle nails, dry and wrinkled skin, and thinning hair signal your DNA and RNA need support. You can spend hundreds of dollars in the cosmetics aisle trying to repair each of these symptoms, or you can safely and naturally treat the root cause and watch your youth return.

ProBLEN’s Telomeres/DNA helps you preserve and restore the most important systems in your body through supporting the health of your cell’s DNA and RNA. This natural, doctor developed supplement is safe and has no side effects. Why not try some today and see how good you can feel?

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