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DNA RNA Booster FDA Doctors
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Genetics can't be changed, but one's DNA/RNA hormones can be given a boost. The body's level of DNA and RNA (which are nucleic acids) production changes as it ages. ProBLEN DNA/RNA can re-balance those changes back to normal, youthful levels by giving the body just enough of a boost in the right direction.

A body's DNA contains the genetic information of an organism, and this information dictates how the body's cells would construct new proteins according to the genetic code of the organism. Within the cell structure, DNA is organized into structures called chromosomes, which are duplicated during cell division.

These chromosomes would then release the genetic codes that will be transcribed and carried by the RNA (specifically the messenger RNA) to the ribosome. The ribosome will then synthesize new proteins that will help the body grow. This is the how the DNA and RNA work together in the body. (Courtesy of dnaandrna.com) One cannot function without the other.

DNA and RNA are both nucleic acids. These nucleic acids serve as a blueprint for proteins. Those proteins actually dictate all cell structures and functions. Obviously, these nucleic acids and the proteins they code for are of huge importance. (www.etap.org)

What happens if the body's DNA and RNA are imbalanced?
No RNA = No translation of DNA = No proteins = No life.

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Imbalanced DNA and RNA can cause these symptoms:

Decreased immune system

Decreased nutrient absorption

Decreased energy and sex drive

Unhealthy Skin, Hair and Nails

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DNA RNA Booster immune system
This season, don"t let faulty messaging lower immune systems defenses. Make sure the body has top-notch couriers delivering the message to fight foreign bacteria and viruses with a superior messaging system using ProBLEN DNA / RNA.

DNA and RNA are responsible for delivering innate messages to the body to let it know which viruses and bacteria are foreign, and need to be fought off. If this factor weakens this important message, the chance of getting sick is greater and can occur more often. ProBLEN DNA / RNA can boost the body's natural defense messengers safely, naturally, and with no side effects...aside from getting sick less!

All of the OTC vitamins and supplements to combat viruses and boost the immune system won't work unless the body has a strong, balanced DNA and RNA base support. ProBLEN DNA / RNA provides exactly that.
DNA RNA Booster immune break
DNA RNA Booster nutrients

One can ingest vitamins and nutrients in many forms, but if the body doesn't absorb them properly and efficiently, it doesn't benefit much. ProBLEN DNA / RNA supports the natural ability to process and absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed every day.

A healthy diet is key to living well is to make sure the body is able to absorb the nutrients put into it! As the body breaks down nutrients from food and other sources, DNA and RNA help deliver the message that those nutrients are wanted in their entirety. With aging, DNA and RNA messages get slower, fewer, and far between.

Technology now exists to give the body a hormonal boost and spark the body's own ability to function properly on its own. ProBLEN is committed to using the best technology it has to offer, and create the highest quality supplements on the market. Aging robs the body of vital nutrient absorption. ProBLEN DNA / RNA restores this ability.

DNA RNA Booster skin hair nails Line

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Growing older people start to notice sagging skin, weak nails, or dull and brittle hair. A person's DNA and RNA are the engineers of life, helping to support healthy cell function. ProBLEN DNA / RNA keeps those DNA / RNA engineers working hard by supporting the body's own ability to fight the symptoms of degenerating DNA and RNA. Aging can be graceful and beautiful, the body's outside reflects that. ProBLEN DNA / RNA can improve not only the color and smoothness of skin, but the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne by re-balancing the natural DNA and RNA.

Restore the shine and smoother texture of hair, and bring back natural nail strength. ProBLEN DNA / RNA can turn back one's aging clock and restore a natural, youthful glow. So, while others are spending thousands of dollars every year on expensive creams, serums, and plastic surgery, ProBLEN DNA / RNA users can save money and have glowing skin, hair and nails.

Find the simple secret ProBLEN DNA / RNA. Kick start the body's engineers again...they get tired, ProBLEN DNA / RNA wakes them up.

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