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Do you know where your estrogen is coming from? 
The answer may surprise you! Within our bodies, estrogen is produced mainly by the ovaries in women and testis in men, but secondarily by the liver, breasts, and adrenal glands. You also gain small amounts of environmental estrogens through hard plastics and can linings, cleaning products, sunblocks, perfumes, soaps, and printer toners to name a few. 

All of these environmental factors can throw off your estrogen balance, but ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone can rebalance your hormones whether you have too much or too little estrogen and progesterone in your system!

Yes, technology makes our lives more convenient, plastic revolutionized the world, and new chemicals and drugs are being produced so rapidly that we often don't know the long-term effects they will have on our environment or us. But we do know now that our hormones can be disrupted by environmental factors?

 For example, we gain estrogen-like compounds from everyday items and our bodies can't tell the difference between these estrogen mimics and the real thing. So our hormone levels are thrown off. The benefit of homeopathy is that no matter which direction your hormones are off, either too high or too low, a homeopathic hormone formula like ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone, will rebalance your body's normal hormone output. 

All of our hormone supplements also include a liver detox to eliminate any harmful elements that have accumulated in our bodies.

So where might this extra estrogen be coming from? According to Suzanne Snedeker, associate director of Cornell University's program on breast cancer and environmental risk factors, although women are exposed to a very low level of these chemicals in any particular product, collectively the exposures could increase our breast cancer risk. - http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/on-women/2008/06/18/breast-cancer-link-to-estrogens-in-the-environment

 Exposure to these chemicals is also believed to be causing early onset puberty in girls. Estrogen receptors are found on every cell in the body, which shows the importance of these hormones on all of the body's tissues and functions. The cellular receptors for estrogen are not as specific as you might think. Many chemicals resemble estrogen enough to bind and activate estrogen receptor sites. So just touching these chemicals on a daily basis is going to cause your natural hormones to become imbalanced. The source of these estrogen mimics are surprising and disturbing, Environmental chemicals, and particularly estrogen-mimicking, gender-bending chemicals that easily leach out of the products that contain them, are a likely culprit; this includes phthalates, parabens, PFOA, bisphenol-A (BPA) and more (these environmental chemicals are also linked to other health risks like cancer and heart disease). (Dr. Mercola) 

According to an article found on Dr. Mercola's website:
Bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial petrochemical that acts as a synthetic estrogen, is found in our plastics and our tin can linings, in dental sealants and on cash-register

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