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The primary variant is called estradiol, which is synthesized by the ovaries prior to menopause. This type of estrogen is also signified as 17-beta estradiol and E2. A relatively weaker variant of estrogen is estrone, also known as E1. This type of estrogen illustrates the primary form of the hormone present in the female body during the menopausal years. Although present in much smaller amounts, estrogen also has vital functions to perform amongst men. The hormone is produced either by the testis or the adrenal glands in this gender. The function of estrogen in men includes proper growth of the penis and the testicles, maturation of the sperm, maintenance of the sexual libido and the development of secondary sexual characteristics like growth of facial as well as body hair, deepening of the voice and formation of muscles.” (www.elderlyjournal.com) As we age our production of all three forms of estrogen declines naturally. ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone can rebalance those levels naturally, safely, and with no side effects.
Following menopause, estrogen in women begins to decline. The end result of this process is vaginal dryness, memory problems, hot flashes, fatigue, irritability and possibly one of the most devastating problems, a decrease in bone density. If these symptoms are severe or bothersome enough a doctor can prescribe estradiol. There have been document unpleasant or dangerous side effects with prescription hormone replacement therapies, but ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone is an all-natural homeopathic strength hormone supplement. It stimulates your body’s natural production of estrogen and progesterone as it begins to decline with age.
 If you experience any of the symptoms of low estrogen and progesterone try ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone for at least a month or two and feel your body turn back the clock! A safe and natural approach is always preferred first and ProBLEN Homeopathic Hormone Supplements offer just that!

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