The Many Benefits of Regular Exercise

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 6/25/2018 to Boosters & Supplements
The Many Benefits of Regular Exercise

Today's world makes it easier than ever before to lead a sedentary lifestyle. So many people work in offices and other environments that don't give them a need to move around, drive everywhere instead of walk, and lead busy lifestyles that don't allow time for the gym. But the need for exercise really is important and has demonstrable health benefits for all ages.

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The Importance of a Daily Multivitamin

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 5/18/2018 to Energy Levels
The Importance of a Daily Multivitamin

Anyone with a solid passion for their own health makes a point of nutrition. Balanced meals packed with essential vitamins and minerals can do wonders for your health and overall well-being. But it's actually almost impossible to get your entire daily value of these nutrients just from your food — you'd have to eat huge portions of certain vegetables every day to get a full serving of some of these nutrients, and while many people enjoy green smoothies to get their daily dose of ultra-nutrition, a multivitamin is a far easier (and calorie-free) means of filling those gaps.

Gaps in your nutrition are a very real thing, and people today suffer from a variety of health problems that can be linked directly to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies like the following.

Natural Treatment for Low Libido

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 3/23/2018 to Boosters & Supplements
Natural Treatment for Low Libido

Libido is a multifaceted instinctive energy that contributes to sexual drive. It's also connected to motivation and ambition. The relationship between libido and other drives is very complex and affected by both biological and emotional factors, but what libido means to most adults is simple: it's the urge to get in the bedroom.

Libido in both men and women is governed by androgen hormones, primarily testosterone, but that's not all there is to it. It's also strongly affected by environmental and other biological factors, like your mood and the effects of aging. Low libido can cause several problems, not just the absence of sexual enjoyment, but also the depression and potential relationship problems that can follow it. In some ways, low libido can be a repeating cycle...

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What Can HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 Do For You?

Posted by Christianna Cannon on 3/9/2018 to HGH
What Can HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 Do For You?

If you're suffering from low energy, poor memory, low moods, interrupted sleep, or any of several other symptoms, boosting your body's HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production may help. We created our HGH Hormone Booster to help people like you regain control of their bodies and feel better than they have in years. But we've also developed another HGH formula, HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2. So what are these other ingredients and which booster should you choose?

Use multiple pairs of shoes

Posted by Johnathan McClintck on 6/6/2014 to Anti-aging
Reduce risk of injury by using various pairs of shoes

Benefits to expect when you lose the extra weight

Posted by Johnathan McClintck on 5/8/2014 to Boosters & Supplements

We all know being overweight will increase your health problems; but what benefits can you expect if you lose the extra weight?  

Stop dieting NOW!

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It's that time of the year—that time between New Year's and spring.

Whether you're still focused on that New Year's Resolution to be healthier or starting to trim down for an upcoming vacation to a warm location, a diet has probably crossed your mind.

Show them you love them

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Show them you love them

ABC's of ProBLEN: A for Arnica

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There are a lot of ingredients that go into all of the ProBLEN Homeopathic and Nutritional products. We like you to know what you're putting into your body and how it can benefit your overall health. So welcome to the ABC's of ProBLEN Supplements!

Weight Loss and Rhodiola Root

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2013 to Weight Loss
At ProBLEN we chose Rhodiola root for its ability to help reduce weight, enhance energy, and elevate the capacity for exercise. But the other benefits are a bonus! “Rhodiola actually activates the lipolytic processes (fat breakdown) and mobilize lipids from a dispose tissue to the natural fat burning system of your body for weight reduction.”

Exercise and HGH

Posted by S. Ashton Faulkner on 6/5/2013 to Excercise
Exercise and HGH
With the onset of Summer, the days are becoming warmer and the evenings are lasting until the late hours. That means more time to exercise. Are you ready to look forward to working out again?

Weight Loss the Right Way, Pt. I

Posted by S. Ashton Faulkner on 1/10/2013 to Weight Loss
It’s time to take the Diet Resolution seriously. But why is it so difficult.

Resolving to Live Well, part III

Posted by S. Ashton Faulkner on 12/20/2012 to HGH
Don’t think you’ll be able to make the most of your extra time over the Holidays? Let ProBLEN’s line of natural supplements make your planning easy.