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good sleepSleep Awareness Week™, which takes place March 2-9, 2014, is an annual public education and awareness campaign to promote the importance of sleep.

The Sleep Awareness Week™ ends with the clock change to Daylight Saving Time, where Americans lose one hour of sleep.

Great quality sleep can make you feel better and like a new you.Its important powers go beyond jump starting your mood or banishing those pesky dark under-eye circles.

Proper and adequate sleep is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit not only your heart, but weight, mind, memory, mood, and much more.

By using ProBlen’s Sleep Aid you will be able to deepen your sleep and get the proper rest your body is needing.

ProBlen’s Sleep Aid is a natural sleep aid supplement formulated with a proprietary blend of botanical herbs and flowers, including beneficial minerals and other ingredients. Formulated as a natural sleep aid, it safely and effectively improves insomnia, deep sleep, relaxation and REM.

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