HGH Independent Testing

The Truth about Human Growth Hormones

On July 5, 1990, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article titled “Effects of human growth hormone in men over 60-years old”. The article stated that injecting older males with recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) increase the blood level of insulin-like growth factor 1 (1GF), a marker for human growth hormone, from an average of 230 units per liter (Uperl), or less, to an average of 830 Uperl. Skin thickness increase by 7.1%. With no change in diet, muscle mass increased by an average of 8.8% and body fat decreased by 14%.

Following the publication of the Journal report, other laboratories have explored the effects of growth hormones injections and a number of clinics have offered them at a cost of thousands of dollars per month.

The Missing Link

In addition, a number of firms have introduced dietary supplements containing precursor hormones, amino acids, vitamins, etc., purporting to increase the production of human growth hormone and claiming they convey the same beneficial effects that accompany growth hormone injections. The missing link is the absence of published clinical trials on their part and the lack of any scientifically acceptable evidence that they increase a person’s growth hormone level.

The Winner

One human growth hormone remedy has been proven most effective. PROBLEN HGH with Human Growth Hormone 30X. Backed by a 5-month clinical trial, PROBLEN HGH increased the Growth Hormone level of every participant and more than doubled the average level.


ProBLEN HGH Clinical Results


Human Growth Hormone

Where HGH comes from and what it does

Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary, a tiny body hanging from the brain and located in the sella turcica, a small depression in the sphenoid bone at the base of the skull.

In spite of its small size – the pituitary weighs less than a fiftieth of an ounce – it’s been called the master gland because of its regulatory effect on other glands. One section (the anterior pituitary) produces six major hormones that control body structure and function from the thyroid to the ovaries and testes.

One pituitary hormone - human growth hormone (HGH) - is responsible for significantly more than maintaining growth during childhood and adolescence. Throughout life, it affects just about every cell in the body and has a major effect on how we feel, act, and look.

HGH can turn fat deposits into energy

HGH is able to promote the generation of energy into fat, rather than from carbohydrates and proteins. To do so, it breaks down fat deposits, releasing the fatty acid they contain. HGH then stimulates the coenzyme A which is responsible for the production of energy. The process is sparing of both carbohydrates and proteins.

HGH helps build muscles

A continuous supply of protein is needed to keep muscles in shape. To build more muscles, it takes more protein. That’s where HGH comes from.

HGH increases the cell’s content of amino acids, the raw material cells use to produce protein. It does this by increasing the ability of the amino acids to penetrate the protective membrane that surrounds the cell.

HGH increases the cell’s ability to turn amino acids into proteins. HGH stimulates the production of RNA and ribosomes that form polysomes, the “machinery” the cell used to assemble amino acids into protein molecules.HGH also acts to prevent the breakdown of proteins and amino acids.

Bones, Cartilage, and Skin

HGH stimulates the liver and possibly the kidney’s, to increase the production of somatomedin. Somatomedin, in turn, promotes the deposition of chondroitin and collagen, essential to the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and cartilage.

Old, wrinkled looking skin is thin skin.It happens with age. It is believed that the effect that HGH has on the production of somatomedin is also responsible for HGH’s ability to produce thicker, less wrinkled, younger-looking skin. While there is no scientific evidence that HGH will increase the number of years you may live, there is plenty of evidence that HGH can make those years healthier and more enjoyable.

Fighting the Effects of Aging

ProBLEN HGH with Human Growth Hormone 30X fights the most significant and harmful effect of aging.

The Body's Decrease in ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone

Starting at age 20, a person’s blood level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) begins to fall significantly. By age 40, most of us feel the difference and at age 60, we have most likely lost 75% or more of our ability to secrete HGH.

The Remedy

Now, at a fraction of the cost of injection therapy, women and men 35 and older can enjoy the benefit of Human Growth Hormone supplementation. PROBLEN HGH with Human Growth Hormone 30X more than doubled the average blood level of HGH for 21 adults aged 45 to 86, 3 out of 4 users of PROBLEN HGH with Human Growth Hormones 30X experienced significate improvement in many of the aspects of daily living, from younger looking skin to enhanced sexual energy and function.

PROBLEN HGH more than doubles the average Growth Hormone level in 5-Month Clinical Trial

PROBLEN HGH with Human Growth Hormone 30X increased the growth hormone level of each participant and increased that average level by 130.8%, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled 5-month clinical test, that was published in a peer-reviewed professional medical journal. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest increase in efficacy ever achieved by a non-injected human growth hormone remedy.

In addition to more than doubling the growth hormone level, the clinical test showed that PROBLEN HGH reduced excess body fat by more than 25%. 


HGH Human Growth Hormone Graph


HGH Safety

While the increase in the growth hormone blood levels was truly significant, at no time during the trial did growth hormone blood level of any test subject exceed their normal reference range, and there were no side effects of any kind.

Sample and Methodology

It is important to note that the clinical trial was conducted by a medical doctor engaged in treating geriatric patients and in geriatric research.The study was neither designed nor executed by Liddell Laboratories.
The trial sample consisted of 21 healthy adults aged 45 to 86 with below normal levels of growth hormone. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of the three different groups: Groups 1 and 2 both received PROBLEN HGH with human growth hormone. Group 3 received a placebo.

Growth hormone blood levels, as determined by IGF-1, were measured at the start and 5 months later at the conclusion of the trial.( It is interesting to note that the increase in HGH blood levels was virtually identical for Group 1 and 2).

The Importance of 5 Months

In clinical trials of remedies for chronic conditions, the duration of the treatment with the study drug is important. Based on his extensive experience in treating the elderly, the doctor who designed and executed the clinical pointed out that limiting such trials to a matter of weeks could short-term variations in blood levels making it impossible to draw meaningful conclusions. He felt that 4 months should be sufficient to generate stable, accurate, dependable results, but suggested adding a fifth month for added security.He also stated that a fifth-month trial is definitely superior to the four-to-six-week trials conducted by other non-injected growth hormone products.


PROBLEN HGH is an easy-to-use oral spray formulated by our doctor to relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms of aging, such as lack of energy, impaired sleep patterns, and poor muscle/fat balance.
PROBLEN HGH has been proven effective in a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical test. No other non-injectable growth hormone product can equal PROBLEN HGH for proven efficacy. And it is as safe as it is effective. No wonder it is the world’s best-selling, non-prescription human growth hormone remedy.

Growth Hormone Plus

PROBLEN HGH contains a 30X potency of human Growth Hormone (HGH) and also contains pituitary and liver extracts.

Pituitary Extract

The pituitary gland has been called the master gland because of the regulatory effect it exerts throughout the body. In PROBLEN HGH, it augments the pituitary’s output of HGH and at the same time helps balance the secretion of other pituitary hormones.

Liver Extract

The liver extract stimulates the liver, one of whose functions is to buffer the glucose (sugar) level in the blood.Buffering helps protect against an unwanted increase in blood sugar which might otherwise accompany growth hormone therapy.
Stimulating the liver also increases the output of insulin-like growth factor number one (1GF-1) and other growth factors which play an important role in carrying the pituitary’s instructions just about every cell in the body.

Safety First

The Human Growth Hormone in PROBLEN HGH starts with actual laboratory recombinant human growth hormone e cells originally derived from the blood of healthy human beings.The original cells were tested to make certain they were clean and free from disease.They are then reproduced by a laboratory process that grows identical copies of the original cells in a bed of yeast.It is the same HGH that the laboratory supplies to doctors for injection therapy.

The pituitary and liver extracts are prepared under sanitary conditions by a leading pharmaceutical supplier.
The pharmaceutical firms that supply them are registered and inspected by the United States Food and Drug Administration.