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How Amino Acids Aid Human Growth Hormone

Produced in your pituitary gland, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) plays a vital role in helping you look and feel young. But after the age of thirty, levels of HGH begin to decline. This can result in visible signs of aging—like loss of muscle composition and weight gain—and can make you feel older—like you’ve lost your energy, drive, and motivation.

Many people choose natural homeopathic supplements like ProBLEN’s HGH Plus to safely raise HGH levels. But, did you know that ensuring your body has enough amino acids is also important to elevating your HGH levels? 

Amino acids are organic compounds that are the building blocks of protein. These compounds are what your pituitary gland uses to make HGH. Without proper amounts of amino acids, your already declining HGH levels can continue to plummet.

To function properly, there are twenty different amino acids that your body needs. Nine of these amino acids are classified as essential because your body can’t make them. In order to make sure you have enough, you must ingest them through the foods you eat—like high quality proteins—or from supplements.

Some of the most commonly talked about amino acids are arginine, lysine, and glutamine. Arginine has been shown to help stimulate production of HGH when combined with exercise. One recent study showed that women who were deficient in growth hormone were also deficient in glutamine, isoleucine, and leucine.* Though this study alone was too small to be conclusive, it anecdotally shows the connection between HGH levels and these specific amino acids.

Boosting HGH levels naturally and safely can have a positive impact on your body and your lifestyle. Studies show that with increased levels of HGH people feel more energetic, sleep better, and even look better—with better muscle tone and weight control. 

ProBLEN’s HGH Plus IGF-1 and IGF-2 homeopathic supplement is designed to safely support your body’s production of HGH. Using ingredients like Deer Velvet Antler—a natural source of IGF-1, HGH Plus can help you recover faster after workouts or surgery and reduce the signs of aging. You can use the ProBLEN hormone booster spray in the privacy of your own home, and it’s FDA regulated, safer, and less expensive than HGH injections. 

While using HGH Plus, pay special attention to your amino acid intake. Eating high quality proteins like chicken, beef, fish, or low sugar dairy will also aid your body in the production of more HGH. And don’t forget to exercise! HIIT training (High Intentsity Interval Training) and resistance exercisers (like weight lifting) can also help your body turn amino acids into powerful HGH!

Amino acids and ProBLEN’s HGH Plus natural hormone booster are a dynamic duo that can help you live young and age well. Find out more about ProBLEN’s HGH Plus here.

* R. Fernholm, M Thoren, C. Hoybye, B. Anderstam. Y. Pernow, M. Saaaf, and K. Hall, “Amino Acid Profiles in Adults with Growth Hormone (GH) Deficiency Before and During GH Replacement Therapy,” 

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