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Living a Stronger, Healthier and More Energetic Life

Do you have fatigue or low energy? It may be time to tune-up your DNA levels.

DNA and RNA operate as the messengers of life within your body. Research shows that the absence of proper DNA and RNA levels can negatively affect your cells ability to thrive and function. If cells begin to die off or stop functioning properly, nucleic acid activity is stopped — when this happens, aging, in addition to other side-effects begin to happen in the body. In order to improve our body’s mental and physical functionality and performance, we should incorporate DNA and RNA-rich diets.

Fatigue and low energy is such a common problem with people, but what is the main cause? There can be multiple reasons for fatigue or low energy levels, but identifying the root cause is key to overcoming fatigue. An imbalance or in your DNA and RNA or lack of communication between the two are known to cause fatigue issues. Problen’s DNA/RNA homeopathic spray can be taken to improve mental sharpness, may help prevent depression, increase energy, tighten skin, increase sex drive, and counteract the effects of aging. It also can re-balance those changes and assist in getting your DNA/RNA levels back to youthful levels by giving the body a boost in the right direction.

How is fatigue connected to DNA and RNA levels?

Methylation is a chemical process that takes place within your body and if impaired, can cause chronic fatigue. Methylation is required to produce your body’s cellular energy and also regulates gene expression. This means that if the Methylation process is not working or regulating your folate levels, your DNA and RNA cannot do their job. Folate is essential for DNA and RNA to function properly. And, if DNA and RNA aren’t functioning properly, energy levels can be dramatically decreased.

ProBLEN DNA/RNA supports the natural ability to process and absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed every day. As the body breaks down nutrients from food and other sources, DNA and RNA help deliver the message that those nutrients are wanted in their entirety. DNA is the building block of our living tissue and when DNA is damaged and/or imbalanced, your body will not function correctly — Which is why it is so important to maintain balanced levels of each DNA and RNA. Our DNA/RNA booster is FDA Registered, safe and easy to use — Kick start your body’s engineers again.

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