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Maintaining A Healthy Immune System Year Around

Building Your Immune System 

Your immune system protects your body against illness and disease. This complex system comprises the skin cells, blood, bone marrow, tissues, and organs that, when working as they should, protect your body against potentially harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Think of the immune system as a baseball team. For the best performance, you want every player focused and ready to play at their highest level. A sports team can’t function as one individual; a team is comprised as a whole and every player needs to perform accordingly in order for the team to succeed. The same goes for your immune system. To best protect your body from harm, every component of your immune system needs to perform according to plan. The best way you can ensure this happens is to practice behaviors that require your immune system to run healthy, each and every day.  

What A Good Immune System Looks Like 

If you are seldom sick and bounce back quickly from illness, you likely have a robust immune system. Wounds that are quick to scab up and heal fast are also indications that your immune system is functioning top level. Consistently eating well, also, can almost guarantee that your immune system is reaping the benefits. Unfortunately, there are a number of different versions of “healthy” out there, some that perhaps don't always meet a seal of approval! If you are someone who practices poor habits and bad diets, more than likely, you are struggling with a sluggish immune system.  

Diet Is Critical

When it comes to a supporting diet that meets the needs of a good immune system, foods and nutrients to consider are fresh fruit and vegetables, including, but not limited to, leafy greens, broccoli, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, citrus fruit and berries. These options are particularly rich in both vitamins A & C - which your immune system will be so thankful for. Vitamin D, too, is very essential. But this nutrient isn’t always found in readily available foods so you really need to be eating a consistent diet including fish, eggs and mushrooms, to name a few, and to ensure you benefit from vitamin D's protective, immune-modulating properties. And always be extremely cautious of sugar consumptions, vegetable oils, caffeine and alcohol.  

Consistency Is Key

What are other good habits that may help aid your body and re-route it in the right direction? Well, if you smoke, stop; smoking makes your body more stressful at fighting off diseases. Get plenty of sleep; sleeping a minimal of at least 7-8 hours each night sets your body in motion. Exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drink alcohol in moderation and as with most things in your body, a healthy diet is key to a strong immune system. This means making sure you eat plenty of legumes, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. Taking care of your body, from the inside out, isn’t rocket science; it’s all about your desire to stay healthy and consistency in doing so. Vital factors that key into staying healthy don’t have to be confusing or difficult; common-sense knowledge and a desire to stay healthy plays a big role in how your body functions - as a whole. 

It Is Never Too Late

Is it possible to restore and renew a weakened immune system? The easy answer is, yes! Our bodies were designed to combat diseases and fight illnesses. When our immune system is healthy, we're able to detract germs and bacteria from harming us; in turn it keeps us from getting sick. proBLENOpathy Immune Support contains special homeopathic potencies of various herbs and nutrients known to help strengthen the immune system and help it function better. It’s a safe and gentle, natural immune support product that is easy to use and an affordable way to give your immune system the boost it needs so it’s ready to defend you.

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