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Making Time for your Libido

 By S. Ashton Faulkner

Something Men learn as they age into the ‘second phase’ of Life is that Time does not stop for anything.  Not during school (although that seems to go on and on), not while your kids grow up (as much as we wish it would) and not even when we are with the ones we love (and sometimes, that’s the time we would really like to make last). 


When a guy is a teenager and has a young man’s hormones, he usually possesses a Libido that runs circles around the guy he later becomes, sometimes as early as even their mid-twenties.   What he lacks in technique at that age, he really makes up for in enthusiasm.  Still, as Time goes on, his desire for sexual activity typically begins to decrease – despite how he may brag.  With every year that passes after the teen years, a Man’s Libido is in constant battle with his diminishing levels of the Testosterone hormone in his body.  Thereafter, sexual function takes a backseat to the routine of working and taking care of a family.  Simple time constraints have taken away the desire needed to follow where his Libido would rather lead. 


And, at the same time a man’s interest in Sex is decreasing, women are just getting started.  As most of us heard in Middle school Health class, the ‘better half’ reaches their peak about ten years after guys have begun finding other areas of interest.  Now, to be sure, it isn’t that a man no longer wants to make love; it’s just that as he ages into the mid-stream of life, sex no longer takes up a large priority space in his decisions.  Even still, women also lose interest through many complicated factors – Stress, illness, lowered levels of Estrogen & Progesterone – it’s all very multi-layered.  Kind of like the general differences of Men and Women all together.


What can we do to get the electricity back under the covers between these folks?  Even with the most perfect couples there are times of strife and arguments that lead to times when someone is going to be sleeping on the couch.  Mood changes and a lessening of Energy are just some of the consequences of Aging that have started their hormones on a perceived downward path when there is a loss of Sexual Function and Desire.  Luckily, the specially blended formulas in ProBLEN’s hormone therapy supplements can help re-balance the scales.  Our Libido, Testosterone and Estrogen & Progesterone products work with your body to improve one’s sexual appetite and to bring on happier emotional states, as well as lessening the irritability brought on by such inequity in your body’s chemistry.


Let ProBLEN stabilize your sexual desire and give you the chance you need to take advantage of those special moments you find with your special someone.  Time may never stop, but that doesn’t mean you have to either.





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