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Natural Treatment for Low Libido

Natural Treatment for Low Libido


Libido is a multifaceted instinctive energy that contributes to sexual drive. It's also connected to motivation and ambition. The relationship between libido and other drives is very complex and affected by both biological and emotional factors, but what libido means to most adults is simple: it's the urge to get in the bedroom.

Libido in both men and women is governed by androgen hormones, primarily testosterone, but that's not all there is to it. It's also strongly affected by environmental and other biological factors, like your mood and the effects of aging. Low libido can cause several problems, not just the absence of sexual enjoyment, but also the depression and potential relationship problems that can follow it. In some ways, low libido can be a repeating cycle — it can lead to depression, which in turn leads to lower libido and vice versa.


Treating Low Libido

In order to most effectively raise your libido, you must first identify some possible causes. You could have a hormone imbalance, but you can also make a significant difference with changes in your lifestyle. The best way to treat low libido is through a dual approach to improving your lifestyle and environment while you also improve your own biology.

While evaluating your lifestyle, look for the following. These are all libido-killers:

- Too much alcohol
- Poor, unhealthy diet
- Stress
- Not enough sleep 
- No exercise

If you think about it, it makes evolutionary sense that these factors would cause lowered libido. They are all indicators of your body that you aren't in a prime situation to reproduce, so you're going to experience less sexual drive. Taking better care of your body means you'll "wake up" your libido again, as your body will interpret its situation as more ideal for sex. A healthy diet and reduced alcohol consumption, regular but not overly exhausting exercise, good sleep hygiene, and stress management will all help improve your body's condition and therefore its libido production. As a side bonus, your stress levels will be easier to bring down once your libido starts to raise — the act of sex releases hormones and neurotransmitters that have a de-stressing effect on the body and mind.

While you work on your lifestyle, you can give your body a head start by boosting your libido naturally. ProBLEN's Libido formula is a safe, over-the-counter-strength hormone booster that encourages your body to increase libido production on its own, rather than introducing foreign chemicals into your bloodstream. Users have reported an increase in sex drive, energy, and overall motivation as well as relief from the sexual difficulties inherent in aging, such as decreased blood flow, weaker erections, and vaginal dryness.

With a renewed lifestyle and ProBLEN's Libido formula, you can welcome the spark of love back into your life. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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