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Naturally Boosting Estrogen & Progesterone for Menopausal Relief

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of menopause, you know how unpredictable

and challenging these symptoms can feel. Between the mood changes, hot flashes,

weight gain, and sleep problems; it’s frustrating to feel like you’re at the mercy of

your hormones.

The cause of all these symptoms is imbalanced hormones. During menopause,

estrogen production can decrease by as much as 90%. Testosterone, also

produced—in part—by estrogen, drops too. Low hormone levels cause your body to

suffer a withdrawal from naturally occurring opiates chemicals in the brain. This

process significantly impacts mood, pain control, and hormone modulation.

With imbalanced hormones, weight loss becomes difficult. A woman’s libido can

drop (or almost disappear) and moods swing from high to low. Some doctors

recommend using synthetic hormones to help alleviate the symptoms, but these

treatments can be expensive and even dangerous.

But, you don’t have to turn to synthetic treatments to boost your hormones. Instead,

why not use a homeopathic, all-natural hormone booster that can help restore your

levels of progesterone and estrogen, naturally?

When progesterone and estrogen are back in balance, you can feel relief for your

menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes will lessen in severity and frequency, and a

stable mood is restored. With hormones back in balance, losing weight is no longer

an impossible task because you’ll feel more energetic and sleep better.

And, if like many menopausal women, you’ve given up on the return of your libido,

you may even find that return! Here’s what ProBLEN Estrogen & Progesterone

Hormone Booster user “A.R.” from Texas had to say, “After I went through

menopause my sex drive was as low as it could go. I did not feel comfortable taking

medication from my doctor so I tried (ProBLEN’s) Estrogen & Progesterone. I will

admit I was skeptical at first but after the first month I now believe in your


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ProBlen’s FDA regulated hormone boosters works with your body, to help naturally

increase your body’s production of key hormones. Using this affordable, Estrogen &

Progesterone hormone boosting spray, women of all ages are experiencing great


But women going through menopause especially love the way they feel after using

ProBLEN. One user from Tennessee left the following review for the product, “Hot

flashes and night sweats have been something I have had to deal with . . . I thank God

that I found your products.”

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of menopause and imbalanced hormones,

why not try ProBLEN’s all natural Estrogen & Progesterone spray. Click here to read

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