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Pros and Cons of Homeopathic Effectiveness

Did you know that homeopathic remedies have been around since the 1700s and can be an amazing way to treat your common health issues?

Sure, there are cynics out there. And, there are certainly situations where homeopathic remedies may not be the best option (emergency situations for example). But, in general, there are many common health issues that we face as we age that can be treated and helped with homeopathic remedies. 

Considering homeopathic formulas? Here's a list of some of the pros and cons of using homeopathic remedies.



1. Natural ingredients means no chemicals. Conventional medicines use chemicals that can wreak havoc in other parts of your body while trying to help other parts. Homeopathic medicine uses ingredients from nature—combined and diluted to help treat your symptoms. 

2. Get to the Root of the Problem. Homeopathic remedies can help your symptoms but often they work because they are targeting the root cause of the issue. For example, proBLENopathy's HGH Complex can help you improve your sleep, lose weight, and feel more energetic. But, its not a stimulant or sleep aid or even a metabolism booster. Instead, it's a homeopathic formula that aids your body to naturally and safely produce more HGH (human growth hormone). When this function is improved—the benefits to your body are numerous.

3. You won't Get Addicted. There are no addictive traits to the natural ingredients like minerals, plant, and animal products that are diluted and used in homeopathic remedies.

4. There are No Side Effects. Aside from the experience of feeling your body detoxify (which sometimes happens early in the process of using a new homeopathic medicine), there are no side effects to homeopathic formulas. 

5. Wallet Friendly Prices. Even with health insurance, medicine prices are out of control. Treating certain ailments can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Homeopathic medicines, because they use natural ingredients, are much more affordable.



1. Some Homeopathic Formulas are Not Good. Just because it's label is pretty, it doesn't mean it will work as it should. Homeopathic products must be registered with the FDA but they're not tested or regulated for effectiveness. Look for products that have undergone independent clinical trials and have positive reviews, testimonies, or money back guarantees.

2. No Instant Results. Homeopathic medicines start working in your body the second you take them—but you may not feel or see the impact of their work for months. Patience is a virtue (and a necessity) if you're trying homeopathic formulas. But, the wait is worth it when you find the right product for your body's needs.

3. What Works for One, May Not Work for Another. Because every body is different, a formula or combination of formulas that work for me—may not work the same way for you. Ask a professional—a functional medicine doctor or homeopathic medicine prescriber to help you sort out what products or combinations of products may work best for your body's needs.

4. Natural Remedies Require Different Dosing Times. Using natural, homeopathic remedies may take a little more intentionality and thought. Many formulas need to be taken several times a day—at certain times of the day. The homeopathic loading dose is the time period of about 30 days when you first start taking the formula. During this time it's very important to take the product consistently. After this, most homeopaths suggest taking short, intentional breaks from product usage every 90 days. It can take a bit more organization to keep up with your homeopathic formulas—but the results can be worth it!


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