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Protect Your DNA, Protect Your Health

They’re called the vaccines of the future, but it seems that DNA, gene-based vaccines offer great hope for curing diseases in a new way. In fact, researchers are furiously working on vaccines for COVID19 (the Novel Corona Virus) that apply this technology.


Your DNA is a complex nucleic acid that contains all the information to create and maintain a species. Virtually every cell in your body contains DNA and scientists are still learning how different variations in DNA can increase or decrease one’s likelihood to develop certain diseases or health conditions ranging from cancer to heart problems.


By using DNA from individuals who have been infected with COVID19 and recovered, scientists are hoping to develop an effective vaccine. While conventional vaccines require the production of actual viruses or virus proteins, these gene-based vaccines can be designed on a computer once DNA or RNA sequences have ben identified.


According to the World Health Organization, this type of vaccine has the advantage of stimulating both B and T-cell immunity responses and is easier for mass production in part because it doesn’t require an infectious agent.


Though scientists are quick to point out that these vaccines have yet to be tested in a large-scale clinical trial. But, they’re hopeful that the race to find solutions to the COVID19 crisis will expedite opportunities to prove their effectiveness

As DNA-based vaccines continue to develop there may be something else you can do to help protect your health--and potentially prepare your DNA to fight an invader like COVID19. That is: Protect it!

 people believe that their DNA is a pre-determined factor in their health. But more and more scientists are proving that there is a lot you can do to keep your DNA healthy and protect yourself from disease. Scientists refer to these as the “environmental factors” that impact DNA. These factors range from the cleanliness of the water you drink and the air you breathe to your lifestyle choices such as smoking, exercising, or working too much.


In fact, stress plays a key role in damaging your DNA, which is one reason why we should be just as concerned about the emotional toll the virus has taken on our livelihood, as we should be about catching the virus itself. A recent piece in Forbesexplained that stressful thought patterns can shorten our telomeres—the caps on the end of our DNA chromosomes, which can make us age faster and die sooner. 


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