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We’re getting closer to that quick couple of weeks where we take a little extra time here and there to break out of our regular routines.  Some of us are going to be off school for Winter break.  Others will be trying to get those extra days away from work – using up any Vacation days that may be set to expire before year’s end.  And still others may just be getting a 4 day Holiday for the Christmas weekend.  Oh, and let us not forget (and Thank) those that either have chosen or been volunteered to work while the rest of us get some rest – this is just another way someone’s routine gets shifted this time of year.

As we’ve talked about, taking this time to get a jump-start on our personal promises to lose a little extra weight or generally get ourselves moving and exercising more is a choice that allows our bodies to adjust and adapt better to the changes this final month of the year brings.  This time out, let us address how our time can be spent with what may be a greater number of extra hours than we normally have at hand.  I know I’m ready to sleepin a little longer – early mornings and me have not had an easy relationship over the years – so I’ll be fine on the sleep front.  However, some folks have adjusted to rising with the sun and will find it difficult to break the habit.  ProBLEN does have a terrific Sleep-Aid that can make your rest more, well, restful.  That way you can get up around the time to which you are used and still have the energy to visit with those relatives or friends who you only get around to seeing during the holidays.

And it won’t just be your sleep that gets disorganized – your regular exercise time may suffer (or even benefit) from the extra time you’ll have.  Your body has gotten used to getting out and running, walking or otherwise working out at whatever time you’ve given it.  Exercising more, or even at different times, can get your muscles aching more.  Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 hormone can get you back on your feet more quickly by improving cell reproduction and tissue repair of your stressed muscles.  I’ve written more about this product here and the terrific aid it provides for adjusting to changes in your exercise routines.

What about the resolution to ‘Get more out of Life?’  We can’t spend all the extra hours exercising.  Might as well tackle that Family ski trip (again with the sore muscles…) or make a dent in cleaning out the attic or garage.  However, even with more time, where do we find the energy?  Sleep, of course, is one step.  Another is having the energy to make use of the extra time.  Supplementing your day with ProBLEN’s Adrenal & DHEA formulacan help re-balance your levels and get you to being more productive and less distracted by drowsiness.

Basically, you’re supposed to be having fun – whether it is enjoying your solo time on the jogging track or around the dinner table with family.  Don’t let your break from the regular take away from that.  Let ProBLEN help and remember to get out there and Live Life.

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