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Hello again.  Last time, we talked about how we here at ProBLEN want to help you maximize your health potential and allow you to look and feel younger than the calendar shows you to be.  Some people use the New Year as a jumping off point to begin diets, exercise routines or other attainable goals that they feel will aid them in feeling better about their selves.  Kind of like using the stroke of midnight to erase all the negative energy from one’s life and starting fresh with positive steps to creating anew.  But, why wait?

When you’ve made up your mind to start, you’re already at the point you need to be to begin re-creating yourself.  You don’t need to use an artificial date – which can give you plenty of time to second-guess yourself – to take that first step.  Don’t open this new phase of your life in a non-enthusiastic manner.  You may need to start slow, but the time of that first decision is like pouring a proper foundation for a strong home.  In other words, get your bodies moving when you’re ready, but do it in the right manner – slow and steady.

Many people get fired up during this Resolution season.  Gym memberships rise, folks re-learn how to make salads and new track shoes are bought or given as gifts.  Everyone starts off going strong, but that only makes it worse.  If you haven’t exercised in a while, your body will hurt after the first few days of a new regimen.  You may start eating less, but your stomach will yearn for more by the end of the day.  Sure, willpower is a huge component here, but that can only take someone so far.

Adding HGH to your supplement stack

So, go slow.  Start off with short walks – interspersed with a few quick sprints.  Don’t forget to warm up first and cool down afterwards.  Add in an HGH+ supplement and you can stave off most of the recovery time for your muscles to start accepting the new routine.   Slowly increase the distances and durations and before long, your body will actually desire to have its regular work-out sessions.  Once you start to accept the, now small, pain of exercise, our regular HGH supplement can then help to keep your stamina levels up so you can ramp up to the next stage.

By starting slow, you’ve increased your flexibility, built stamina and strength and most likely have lowered your risk of heart disease.  You can stay at this comfortable level or even move on to higher plateaus.  You should, however, force yourself to keep a steady pace.  Your body is now reacting to endorphins rapidly entering the system.  These can sometimes be a sort-of ‘false positive’ that fool your mind into thinking the body is ready to bounce about with all of your newfound energy.  This is especially true if you’ve been out of the exercise game for a while.

Your mind remembers how your younger self moved and rebounded from injury or exercise.  This can lead you to believe you can throw yourself into your old routine and that your body will react the same way.  Man, I really wish my body now could recover the way it did when I was in college…  But I digress.  Keeping to a slower to elevate exercise routine will give your body the time it needs to remember its old habits, as well.

Here is where, along with the HGH and HGH+ supplements you’ve added, you might now want to include ProBLEN’s Testosterone Anti Aging Supplement.  Your bodies’ ramped up energy and metabolism could now be experiencing low or imbalancedtestosterone levels.  This is where our homeopathic formula can help.  It uses a special blend of ingredients to stimulate and enhance the body’s production of natural testosterone.  These same ingredients also aid in improving your immune system, stress recovery, better digestion and can give increased energy.  All things that, if you plan on continuing or increasing your training, will ensure you can continue past the point where the Willpower vs. Resolution battle is being fought.

As I’ve said before, it takes work to reach our goals.  Nothing worthwhile is gained for free.  Sure, you can take this time of year to make a promise to yourself that things will be better once that ball in Time’s Square drops.  But, unless you back up those words with positive actions, that is all they are – words.  Let ProBLEN help you keep you on the road to the commitment you’ve made.  Your body and your mind will thank you.

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