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Dog Days of a Sleepy Summer


By S. Ashton Faulkner


We have now entered the concluding days of Summer.  Include ProBLEN Sleep-Aid supplement in your plans as we close this season and get ready for Fall.  Right now, the temperature is continuing to rise even though the Sun has been setting earlier and earlier time every day since the Solstice back in June.  This is causing over 40 Million Americans to continue experiencing trouble getting restful Sleep.


The month of August will see the hot days giving way to cooler nights, but only as we head into the beginning of September.  Insomnia and a growing lack of the all-important REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is a growing problem as Summer winds down these last few weeks.  Long term denial of deep, beneficial sleep – there is no special number of hours here, the perfect time for you is probably not what is best for the person in bed next to you – can result in some very minor to painfully serious health issues.


These long, hot days snatch our sleep patterns and throw them in the grinder, taking with them the healthy, restful time it takes for our bodies and minds to repair from the daily grind.  Anxiety and Depression, obesity, heart problems and Stress are only a few of the results of a sleepless night.  Simply dozing off during the day for a quick ‘cat nap’ can be attributed to a bad night in bed.  But what if that happens while you’re driving to work?  That’s just as deadly as any of the other symptoms, eh?


Using our specially formulated, natural Sleep therapy, along with changing some habits that may be depriving your body of rest, you can get yourself back on track to remedy this situation.  Part of getting the best night’s sleep includes adjusting the thermostat to somewhere in the mid-70’s, using thinner, lighter blankets on the bed and keeping your room as dark as possible.  Also, refrain from eating at least two hours before you plan on closing your eyes and use those last thirty minutes just relaxing – try to keep away from the TV or computer (I’m guilty of those last two, for sure).


And, the best way to acclimate your body back to appropriate, ordered sleep is to wade in slowly.  Going fast will cause too much of a jolt to your system.  Kind of like not exercising for a few months or years then trying to play catch-up at the gym – you’ll end up sore and even more tired as a result.  ProBLEN Sleep-Aid formula will dramatically reduce this adjustment time it takes by responding to your body’s natural production of sleep enzymes and allowing it to use only what is necessary to maintain your REM sleep and allow you to wake up more rested and ready to tackle the world.

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