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Supporting Your Pituitary to Improve Well Being

Sitting at the base of your skull rests your body’s tiniest commander: the pituitary gland. 

Though barely the size of a pea, the pituitary directs your body by producing and secreting hormones. When the various organs and glands of your body need support, the pituitary gland responds.

Hormones—your body’s messengers—trigger everything from that rush of adrenaline you get when you face sudden danger to your metabolism. Without these messengers, many of your body’s functions would cease. From your thyroid to your kidneys—many important hormones are produced in the tiny pituitary.

Keeping your pituitary healthy plays a big role in the way you look and feel because so many other organs depend on it. Your kidneys, your sex organs, and your thyroid all need the messenger hormones your pituitary sends so they know when to do their jobs. If your pituitary gland is sluggish, your whole body will feel the impact.

So how do you keep your pituitary gland healthy and functioning well? Proper diet, good sleep, and regular exercise, are always helpful. But, there’s something else you can do to support your pituitary gland, that is: supplementing Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Produced in your pituitary gland, HGH is like one of your pituitary gland’s captains when it comes to keeping you healthy. In children, HGH controls growth and in adults, HGH aids in the building and maintaining of muscle and bone mass.

After age 30, your HGH levels begin to plummet—they can decrease by 14% every decade. When HGH levels are low, the pituitary struggles, but when HGH levels are good—all the hormones in your body can do their jobs well. Having healthy levels of HGH can be an effective way to balance all of your hormones.

When it comes to supplementing HGH, some options are better than others. You can choose painful and expensive injections, but there’s an easier safe and natural way to gently stimulate your body to increase HGH production.

supporting pituitary gland for HGH

The solution: ProBLEN’s Original HGH Booster. This easy to use, all-natural homeopathic oral spray has been proven to naturally increase your body’s HGH levels with no side effects. ProBLEN’s HGH fared well in a triple-blind independent study. Results showed 94% of ProBLEN’s HGH users felt a noticeable increase in energy, 86% of female users said their skin looked younger, and 75% reported improved sleep. Boosting HGH can also elevate your mood, strengthen your immune system, improve sexual vitality, and even help you lose weight or build muscle.

Your body’s counting on your pituitary gland, and your pituitary gland is counting on you to support it. Why not try some of ProBLEN’s homeopathic HGH spray and see how this natural and safe oral spray can help balance your hormones and improve your well-being. If you need extra support, try ProBLEN’s HGH plus IGF-1 and IGF-2, an incredible option if you’re recovering from surgery or injury, or just need extra support for pain and soreness. 

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