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Telomeres: What These Tiny Caps on Your DNA Reveal About You
The human body is made up of a fascinating, intricate and complex array of parts
and systems-each made up of millions of cells. Inside these cells lies a vast array of
genetic information—your DNA. And, at the tip of your DNA lies something scientist
are just now tapping into as a potential key to health and longevity. These tips are
called your telemores.

Telemores are like the plastic caps at the end of your shoelaces. They are found on
the tip of your chromosomes and they help prevent chromosomes from sticking to
each other. In so doing, your telemores play a pivotal role in protecting your genetic
information each time your DNA replicates.

These telemores are really long when you’re a baby. But as one ages or fights certain
diseases, these telemores can become shorter. As they shorten, your cell and the
DNA information it contains, become at greater risk of dying.

To help protect our telemores, our bodies produce an enzyme called telomerase.
This enzyme helps cells divide and lengthens each cell’s telomeres. But, as
telomerase runs low, so does our body’s ability to help our telomeres.

Researchers have been studying telemores and finding interesting connections
between telemores lengths and life spans. In fact, Geneticist Richard Cawthon found
that those with shorter telomeres had shorter life spans—and were three times
more likely to die of heart disease and eight times more likely to die from an
infectious disease.

Those with longer telemores lived up to five years longer than those with the
shortened telemores, though other variables such as gender, chronological age, and
oxidative stress (how much oxidization your body is exposed to through smoking,
drinking, inflammation, and infections) also plays a role in lifespan.

Scientists are also interested in studying telomeres as a potential way to detect and
stop the spread of certain cancers. Many cancers—ranging from lung, kidney, bone,
pancreatic and bladder to head and neck cancers—have shortened telomeres.

Scientists believe if they could find a way to restrict telomerase from getting to the
cancer cells, and therefore, allow only the cancer cells to die because they are unable
to replicate, this could be a potential way to stop this deadly disease.

For those not suffering from cancer, making sure that the body gets the telomerase
it needs to lengthen those telemores, could be a way to slow down the aging process.
Many researchers now recognize that keeping your cells healthy includes
supporting your telomeres length in order to help your cells replicate properly.
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So what can you do to proactively keep your cells healthy? Drinking plenty of water,
avoiding oxidative activities—including anything that causes inflammation—and

using a supplement to help support your cellular health are three great places to
start. ProBLEN’s Telomeres/DNA booster spray is a great way to help support your
body as it produces telomerase and encourages your body to keep your cells
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Healthier cells can help you feel more energetic, rest better, and help you look and
feel younger. Don’t surrender to the aging process. Try ProBLEN’s Telomere/DNA
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