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Testosterone: A Key to Optimal Health for Both Men & Women

When you think of testosterone, what do you picture? Is it a man lifting weights at a gym, or a young football player knocking through six men to make a key play? Most people think of testosterone as a male hormone—something that men need to feel their best or perform athletically. But the truth is, testosterone is so much more than that. In fact, testosterone is a key to optimal health for both men and women. 

It’s not just the young who rely on testosterone. As we age and our testosterone levels dip, our body’s cry out for more. From a lack of focus to weight gain, a lack of testosterone can have serious consequences on both our bodies and our minds. Take a look at some of these symptoms of low “T”.

For men, low testosterone can result in: loss of hair, loss of muscle, low sex drive, difficulty with erection, lower blood cell and sperm counts. Low T can also cause a man to feel irritable, depressed, fatigued, and unfocused. It can cause weight gain, cognitive impairment, and even memory problems. 

For women the impact of low testosterone is just as problematic. 

Women with low T will have a loss of libido, irregular menstrual cycles, less sexual satisfaction, or even fertility issues. Women with plummeting testosterone may also feel tired, sluggish, and weak. Other symptoms of low testosterone in women can include: difficulty sleeping, poor sleep quality, loss of bone density, and unwanted weight gain.

As more doctors are recognizing low T as a problem, there’s a rush to treat low T with hormone replacement therapies ranging from injections and pellets to hormone patches and gels. The only problem is, some of these treatments aren’t safe. Plus, hormone therapies can be expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.

how testosterone can benefit both men and women

Fortunately, there’s a better, safer, and more natural way to treat low testosterone.

 In fact, you can gently boost your body’s production of testosterone without spending a lot or experiencing any harmful side effects. And, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

ProBLEN’s homeopathic Testosterone Booster works with your body’s hormone production system to naturally restore your body to healthy levels of testosterone. The safe, easy-to-use, professionally blended formula is simply sprayed into your mouth each morning. Your body goes to work immediately using the homeopathic ingredients to gradually increase hormone production.

If you’re experiencing the signs or symptoms of low Testosterone, why not try this natural way to alleviate your symptoms? Regulated by the FDA, ProBLEN’s full line of hormone boosters can help you live young and age well. Try some ProBLEN Testosterone Booster today and restore your youth. 

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