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Testosterone Benefits


By S. Ashton Faulkner


Our teenage years are filled with many lessons about the myriad of differences between men and women.  Most of it was guesswork, but one constant Truth was that a young man’s hormones run rampant and usually don’t stop until his mid-twenties.  By then, his desire for sexual activity has typically decreased (although he would most likely deny that to be a fact).  He may have begun a routine of working and taking care of a family and simple time constraints have taken away the desire needed to follow where his Libido would rather lead.  As he ages into the mid-stream of life, sex no longer takes up a large amount of space in his decision-making processes.  Sometimes, he just wants to work in the garage or see what’s on TV.


These scenarios are usually a result of diminishing levels of Testosterone hormones.  Age may have started your hormones on this downward path, but the specially blended formulas in ProBLEN’s hormone therapy supplements can help re-balance the scales.  Our Libido and Testosterone products work with your body to improve one’s sexual desire and bring on happier moods, as well as lessening the irritability brought on by such inequity in your body’s chemistry.


Of course, it’s not only men who can experience the inability to become aroused.  Women can also be confronted with high levels of stress in their jobs or relationships, which are factors that can lead to problems in the bedroom.   At the same time, men are losing interest, women are just getting started, reaching their peak about ten years after guys have begun finding other areas of interest. 


Some may think that women wouldn’t benefit from a therapy using what is erroneously thought of as a “male-based” hormone, but that is far from the truth.  In fact, ProBLEN’s supplements are risk-free supplements that act with the body – Male or Female – in order to bring back the missing symmetry lost due to aging, Stress or simply having Life get in the way.  If your levels are very low, taking Testosterone, for instance, will ramp up your body’s own production – from the testicles in Men and the ovaries in Women – tapering off when levels get closer to normal. 


This is of key interest in persons who, having undergone surgery – in particular Vasectomies or Hysterectomies, but also other severe injury surgeries – must then rely on the smaller amounts of the T-Hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands.  In these cases, too, Testosterone therapy is used to shorten the post-op recovery time and strengthen the body against further injury or illness – mostly by increasing muscle mass and improving bone density.


Basically, whether by accident or by design, as we age, our hormone levels can fluctuate wildly, decreasing – sometimes fast, sometimes slowly – until our younger selves would probably not even recognize us.  With ProBLEN’s Libido and Testosterone supplements, you can welcome that younger you in the mirror and possibly re-capture what it felt like to be in the prime of your life.


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