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The ABCs of ProBLEN: H

In our mission to bring you the best homeopathic hormone boosters available today, ProBLEN carefully chooses ingredients proven to work positively in the human body. Unlike hormone treatments that involve adding hormones unnaturally, our hormone boosters work with your body's own systems to encourage balanced hormone production and release.

Our ingredients include a wide variety of naturally-derived medicinal substances that aid the body in different ways. Our formulas safely target the different glands in the brain and throughout the body to stimulate hormone production. We've introduced the ABCs of ProBLEN to help you understand the different ingredients and hormones we discuss on our website.

H is for…

Hamamelis virginiana

Hamamelis virginiana is most commonly known as witch hazel. It's been used for centuries because of its astringent properties, which cause a tightening of bodily tissues. This property helps to stop bleeding by contracting blood vessels, and witch hazel has been used as a styptic on wounds as well as (in modern times) to help close large pores.

Witch hazel is useful for first aid, as it can help with mild to severe bleeding. It treats weakened blood vessels like varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It also has some pain relieving qualities and assists in healing the site of injury.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland and is one of the most overall important hormones in the body as far as the number of systems and functions it affects. HGH is the primary force that governs the growth and development of every cell in the human body, and has a huge range of effect since cell reproduction as at the center of so many vital biological functions.

HGH supports tissue repair and healing, muscle growth and mass, bone growth and health via preservation of calcium in the skeleton, height, metabolism and fat burning, body composition, brain function, energy levels, cardiac health and cholesterol regulation, respiratory function, immune system strength, vision, skin health, hair growth, and sexual function. The fact that HGH decreases in the body after age 30 explains many of the signs of aging. By safely boosting HGH levels, you can help your body maintain its youthful vigor.


5-HTP is short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, which is an amino acid that acts as a metabolic intermediate in serotonin synthesis. What this basically means is that it works with the brain to help offset depression caused by serotonin insufficiency in the brain. Serotonin is also tied to sleep and appetite, so 5-HTP also has positive effects as a sleep aid and appetite suppressant.

While many natural substances that work with the body to increase health and well-being can be found in food, 5-HTP has no food source and must therefore be extracted from plants. The best source of 5-HTP for homeopathic use is found in the seed of the plant Griffonia simplicifolia, which grows in Africa. Supplementing 5-HTP can result in improved sleep, diminished feelings of depression, and a decrease in appetite especially stress-eating.

If you have any further questions about hormones, or about the ingredients in our scientifically-proven homeopathic hormone boosters, we welcome you to contact us at ProBLEN. We're happy to help you discover the benefits of our hormone boosters and help you decide which of our products is right for you.

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