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The ABCs of ProBLEN: L


Health can be confusing, even to the most conscious person. The human body is incredibly complicated and relies on thousands of thousands of natural substances and processes to sustain its functions. At ProBLEN, we want to do our part to help you understand what your body needs and how these functions work.

Our ABCs of ProBLEN series explains the supplements, amino acids, hormones, and other vital biological chemicals that we talk about when we describe our products. You can refer to these articles to help you understand our ingredients and how they interact with your body and help serve its needs.

L is for…



Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body and serves an important purpose in protein synthesis. Numerous systems in the body rely on Glutamine to function properly, including muscle cells and the digestive tract. Glutamine also serves the vital purpose of distributing carbon and nitrogen to cells everywhere in the body, where these elements are used as fuel for cellular functions. Another role of Glutamine is in the synthesis of other chemicals needed by the body, including other amino acids and glucose.

Glutamine is essential for these processes but gets diminished in the body by physical activity and also by stress, as the release of the stress hormone cortisol causes a reduction in Glutamine. Since its nitrogen transporting capabilities are needed for cellular growth and healing, having too little glutamine results in muscle breakdown and vulnerability to infections. Digestive issues can also result from too little Glutamine. Supplementation of L-Glutamine helps restore and build up the body's Glutamine storage to help with these vital processes.


Liver Extract

The liver serves a vital purpose as part of the body's means of cleansing itself from toxins, which enter the body constantly through food, pollution, and other sources. The liver's ability to perform this function is central to good health for the whole body. If the liver cannot detox effectively, the toxins are stored in your body's fatty tissues. ProBLEN uses organic liver extract derived from cattle to help boost and restore healthy liver function and keep those toxins flushed out.

Liver extract not only assists with the overall health of the liver tissue, it also includes essential B vitamins that the body relies on for energy, stamina, strength, muscle development, and more. Liver extract also helps with the synthesis of IGF-1, a peptide with anti-aging properties.



L-Taurine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning it can be produced in the body. It's important for cardiovascular function and the transport of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow, lowers cholesterol by improving gallbladder function, and is also known to decrease symptoms of PMS. It also has beneficial mental effects, including calming moods and enhanced concentration and mental acuity. Overall, it also acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps reduce cell damage.

Although L-Taurine is found in dairy, meat, and fish, and the body does produce it, it's possible for adults to suffer a reduced level of L-Taurine after a heart attack or other cardiovascular issues. In this case, L-Taurine supplementation can be very beneficial. It also has no serious side effects and is safe to take even if you don't have a deficiency.


Lycopodium Clavatum

Lycopodium clavatum is a type of clubmoss with many common names including stag's-horn clubmoss due to its antler-like shape, and ground pine due to its resemblance to a miniature pine tree branch. It grows low along the ground and has numerous benefits when used homeopathically. It is found across several continents, and because it cannot grow in cultivated areas, it's rare in some locations and common in others.

Lycopodium clavatum has several uses to help with gastrointestinal issues, especially from food allergies. It also assists in the relief of skin problems like hives, which also sometimes appear as a side effect of allergies and irritation, and can be used to treat eczema .


Still have questions about our ingredients or your body's needs? Find out more information about our homeopathic hormone boosters and how they can safely, naturally return your body's innate balance. We invite you to contact us at any time.

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