Deer Antler Velvet

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Deer Antler Velvet has been shown to help heart function, weight loss, nerve damage, blood vessels, arthritis, diabetes, the immune system, the prostate, erectile dysfunction, lung function, cognitive ability, blood pressure and tissue repair in general, such as wound healing.

Carduus Marianus

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At ProBLEN we work with top formulators to create the best supplements combinations for your body. One of our favorite ingredients is Carduus Marianus, or Milk Thistle, which we love for its ability to reduce inflammation, detoxify the liver and spleen, and provide the body with very potent antioxidants.

A for Arnica

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There are a lot of ingredients that go into all of the ProBLEN Homeopathic and Nutritional products. We like you to know what you're putting into your body and how it can benefit your overall health. So welcome to the ABC's of ProBLEN Supplements!

The ABC’s of ProBLEN - The Letter G Ginseng (Korean)

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Korean Ginseng has been used in Eastern medicine for over 7000 years! Several of our ProBLEN products contain Korean ginseng, including our DNA/RNA, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Libido. Traditionally, ginseng was used to fight fatigue and invigorate several systems of the body. Throughout history people have found that it has many medicinal uses in addition to those.

The ABC's of ProBLEN - Letter N is for Natrum muriaticum

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We’ve always been told that too much salt is a bad thing, but did you know too little can be as detrimental?

The ABC's of ProBLEN - Letter L for Liver Extract

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It’s a dirty world out there, and your liver is responsible for cleaning a lot of it up. ProBLEN aims to help the liver do just that as much as possible! We include organically derived bovine liver extract in four of our most popular homeopathic hormone supplements: HGH, HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2Testosterone, and Libido.  Why is the liver so important in battling a filthy world? 

Letter O ingredients: Oophorinum and Orchitinum

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Suffering from decreased or low libido? Are you noticing the signs and symptoms of low estrogen such as skin changes, hot flashes, ovarian cysts, or acne rosacea? Guys are you noticing the signs and symptoms of low testosterone such as premature senility, sexual weakness, or extra weight gain around the middle?

Bromelain - Letter "B"

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Summer is fast approaching and that means summer fruits are on their way too! Do you like pineapple? Pineapple juice and the stem of the plant contain a very beneficial enzyme called bromelain. Keep reading...