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Tips for Healthy Weight Loss


By S. Ashton Faulkner


So, did you make it through yet another Summer without shedding those extra pounds? We all start around April or May thinking we’ll drop back to our swimwear weight so we can show off that bikini body (or, in my case, those Speedo-worthy legs – better yet, how about we don’t think too hard on that one…) But what happened? Did you lose that weight? Or did you hide under a towel or t-shirt at the pool? Think it’s too late? Think again. Let ProBLEN show you a few easy ways to reduce those pounds – not for vanity, but for your health.


The Basics: Pay close attention to what you eat and how much.

A healthy, hearty breakfast used to be focused on pancakes, eggs and bacon, the greasier and syrup-ier, the better. Now, we know that might we okay once in awhile, but a better case can be made for low-fat, Probiotic yogurt or a good dose of a fiber-rich breakfast. Later on, a small snack of a banana or some nuts will help get you to the salad made with leafy greens and colorful vegetables (perhaps some fruit, if you prefer) you’ll be having for lunch. You will feel fuller and have plenty of antioxidants to help fight off the bloat. For help with Probiotics and Digestion, take a look at this supplement.


Moving on. Get it? How much are you moving? 

Try parking a few spaces further from the door to your office. Take the stairs, if possible, instead of the elevator. Try to get at least 10,000 steps in every day. Just that much extra movement burns calories and keeps your metabolism running so that your body makes more efficient use of what you’re eating.

Increasing your heart rate during your workouts will put you in the mythical “fat-burning zone.” This is the area where you won’t be building as much endurance as you would with lower intensity exercises, but you will go through more unnecessary calories (Fat) and, with those quick, burst exercises we mentioned earlier, you can continue to burn through calories even after the workout is completed. Pretty good trade-off, eh?

 Throughout the day, make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Water is best, but there are plenty of flavored alternatives for those needing some taste to their fluids. But, stay away from diet-type drinks, especially those with sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Fake sweeteners don’t completely digest and can cause diarrhea and other serious problems the more they build up in the intestines. Real sugar is what our bodies are designed to process, just don’t go all out with this all-natural product.


Dinnertime! Pay close attention to what you eat and what time you eat.

Focusing just on the size isn’t the most important thing – variety is the key. A mixture of the food chart will do the best. Most important of all, try not to eat at least 2-3 hours prior to going to bed as this will allow your body plenty of time to digest properly and distribute the nutrients accordingly. Sleeping sends the body’s mechanisms into dormancy and a full stomach will be slowed down, the food inside not doing any good.


ProBLEN’s Weight-loss supplement will also help you make the best use of the foods you do eat by helping your body burn mid weight fat, speeding up your metabolism, and suppressing your appetite. Making it the perfect weight loss supplement to support your natural weight loss.

Keep it up!

Don’t just sit back now that swimwear season is almost over. Keep up the good job you’ve been doing all Summer. Get ready to nibble off all the festive party foods coming up this holiday time without feeling guilty. You can do it and ProBLEN can help.

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