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Weight Loss the Right Way

 Recently, I’ve written about taking things slowly when starting back into a weight loss regimen.  Whether you have taken time off during recent holidays or have spent years steadily adding a pound or twelve to your midsection, beginning a diet or exercise routine cannot be rushed.  ProBLEN would like to help with our proprietary formula, specially blended using natural ingredients that all support the body’s efforts to melt off unwanted pounds.

Each ingredient is like a smart bullet that targets a specific weight issue.  We have already looked at Chromium and the Cola Nut in the past.  This time around we will explore what the Eleuthero root extract can do for us.  Native to southeastern Siberia, the Eleutherococcus senticosus plant has been used in traditional Chinese herbology for most of the past two millennia.  It is believed to have a wide range of benefits, most importantly for those seeking to shave off the fat, the ability to enhance one’s energy and stamina.

What this means is you can gradually get back into your calorie restriction plan and enhance it with moderate exercising at the same time without fear of doing too much, too soon.  Part of why we don’t stick with any new diet or exercise is because we can’t maintain the energy we had at the beginning.  We tire of the sore muscles, get ‘fed-up’ with the new feeling of hunger and become generally weary of the whole thing.

This is how ProBLEN’s Weight Loss supplement with the included Eleuthero root extract helps.  It aids in enhancing your mental and physical performance so you can get past these early stages of ‘diet fatigue’ and continue on to where your mind and body crave your new normal.  Add in our Digestive Enzyme supplement and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your target goals.

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