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Here at ProBLEN, we know that the first few weeks of the New Year are the all important testing period wherein most everyone who had Lose Weight at the top of their Resolutions lists are put to task on whether or not they will stick with the plan or drop the ball, like they have so many times before.  At that point, people are just beginning to pit their power of Will against the Hunger of diets and Pain of exercise.  So what if they've carried around a few extra pounds (a few more each year?)  It doesn't really matter if get that juicy cheeseburger instead of ordering off the healthy choices menu.  It hurts to stand up or sit down muscles that haven't been stressed in years are taking roll call all over the body.


This is the moment when weaker people simply give in and move on.  They don't see any real results, so why keep on trying?  That's another hidden cost of lazing around on the couch watching sit-coms for years.  Not only has their minds been turning to mush (to only relocate in their behinds), but they also expect all their problems to be resolved with minimal effort.  TV shows are designed to be wrapped up by the closing credits.  Problem is:  Real life doesn't happen between the commercial breaks.  It takes struggle and sweat to make any lasting improvements.


In previous blogs, I've spoken about the benefits of using a variety of our specially formulated supplements to assist you in your Weight reduction and Exercise goals.  The most recent ones have dealt with a couple of the extracts used in ProBLEN's Weight Loss supplement.  The last ingredient we're going to investigate here is the extract of the Green tea leaf.


By itself, this leaf, which originates in China, has long been suggested to have multiple health benefits.  Some studies have shown that its use has benefitted in lowering the risk of heart disease and may even reduce amounts of "bad" cholesterol.  There is also some evidence that chances of certain forms of cancer have been decreased.  But, when mixed together with various other additives, like the ones we use in our Weight Loss formula, Green tea extract has been proven to boost the metabolism and burn fat.  This benefit also aids in regulating the body's internal temperature and stabilizes blood sugar levels in the blood.


By combining the extract with our other natural weight loss ingredients, ProBLEN has unlocked the potential of the Green tea leaf and delivered it to your door.  Boost your willpower by adding our formula to your exercise and diet program.  Don't let fatigue and desire stop your goals.

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