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Weight Loss the Right Way, Pt. II

By S. Ashton Faulkner

Last time, we were talking about the Eleuthero root and how its extract assists the ProBLEN Weight Loss supplement helps your body and mind beat the fatigue that comes with diet and exercise.  In a continuation of our examination of the ingredients that formulate the supplement’s proprietary blend of fat shaving components, let us now explore the compound derived from the extract of the Forskohlii root.

The coleus forskohli plant is found primarily in the drier regions of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  The main active ingredient, Forskohlin, has been used in Hindu and Ayurvedic traditional medicine for over 3000 years.  It has been used for everything from inhibition of allergic reactions, promotion of heart health and as a treatment for asthma – it is even believed to be a component in the suppression of cancerous cell growth.

Here, however, it is the property of aiding in the regulation of critical cells within the body that helps flip on the ‘fat-burning’ switches that have been suppressed through inactivity, a slowed metabolism or other factors that come with age and time.  One of the top reasons why diets fail is that we are creatures of habit.  We like what we like and it (usually) doesn’t involve leafy greens or whole grain anything.  Unless we started during our younger years with such a ‘proper’ diet, most likely, a switch to healthier foods will be, at best, temporary.  Using the Forskohlin extract, our Weight Loss supplement can allow this transition period to show results much faster and, thereby, increase our ability to stick with the new plan.  It helps our cells talk to each other and create an enzyme that melts away the pounds and can stimulate the secretion of thyroid hormones that also increase the rapid burning of the calories that still arrive with your new diet.

At ProBLEN, we take the very finest Anti Aging Supplements and specially blend them into our Homeopathic and Nutritional formulas.  Everything meets or exceeds all FDA guidelines so that we can guarantee our product straight to your door.  Losing weight has always been top on everyone’s list of things to change along with the New Year.  Invite us in and we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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