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What Can HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 Do For You?

What Can HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 Do For You?


If you're suffering from low energy, poor memory, low moods, interrupted sleep, or any of several other symptoms, boosting your body's HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production may help. We created our HGH Hormone Booster to help people like you regain control of their bodies and feel better than they have in years. But we've also developed another HGH formula, HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2. So what are these other ingredients? which booster should you choose?


Human Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor

Human Growth Hormone supports several primary functions in the body, such as muscle gain, calcium preservation, brain function, immune systems, and cell reproduction and replacement. This makes it central to our health and well-being, and as our bodies' production of HGH declines as we age, we start feeling the effects of imbalance.

Boosting your body's HGH production can help restore balance to these functions, but for people looking to give their cells a little extra healing power, additional supplementation with IGF-1 and IGF-2 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) has been clinically proven to increase cell restoration even further. In the past, we've gone into more detail about IGF-1 and IGF-2 and its natural source in deer antler velvet. The reason deer antler velvet assists so much in cell growth is that it's responsible for the regrowth of antlers after they've been shed as part of the life cycle of the male deer.


Benefits to the Human Body

In humans, IGF-1 and IGF-2 have been demonstrated to ease healing after surgery or injury and to help with general recovery from cellular damage due to an active lifestyle. Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 hormone booster is the easiest, safest way to increase your body's HGH production while providing your systems with the advantages of deer antler velvet. If you're expecting surgery or have suffered an injury, or if you're frequently sore from exercise and activity, we strongly recommend HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 over HGH alone. The additional cell growth support could be the healing boost your body needs.

Like all ProBLEN formulas, our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 hormone booster is all natural and homeopathic, meaning it's free of side effects and won't interact with medications. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

HGH Plus IGF1 & 2

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