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What is HGH?


HGH is Human Growth Hormone, which is naturally produced in the brain by the pituitary gland. As its name suggests, HGH is intrinsically connected to the growth and development of the cells in the human body. Cell reproduction is at the core of biological functions like tissue repair and healing, increase of muscle mass, bone growth, and height. In fact, since everything in your body relies on cells and cell reproduction, HGH has very wide-ranging effects. 

One of the natural effects of aging is the reduction in the amount of HGH that the pituitary gland produces. When a person is around 30, their HGH levels begin to drop by about 14% every 10 years. This is why as you age, your body has a harder time doing the things it used to do easily. 

Lowered HGH affects all the functions HGH helps support, including:

Brain, cardiac, and lung function
Fat burning and metabolism
Tissue repair (part of both healing and muscle growth)
Maintenance of muscle mass
Body shape and composition
Cholesterol levels
Calcium preservation
Energy levels
The immune system
Skin elasticity and appearance
Hair growth
Sexual function

You'll notice that these are all factors that suffer when we age, and they're all due to decreased HGH. However, you can give your pituitary gland the support it needs to start producing more HGH and lead to a reduction in these issues. By boosting your body's HGH and supporting cell reproduction, you can "turn back the clock" on some of the aging effects. 

People who properly boost their HGH report a huge variety of benefits, such as:

Better memory and quicker thinking
Improvements in heart and lung health
Weight loss
Healing faster from surgery or injury
Improved muscle gain and fat loss
Better cholesterol levels
Improved bone density
Better vision
Improved sleep
Better mood
More energy and generally feeling healthier
Reduction in age spots and wrinkles
Thicker hair growth
Stronger nails
Decrease in sexual dysfunction

Sound good to you? Of course! After reading the facts, you're probably seriously considering boosting your HGH levels at this point. But notice we said, "people who properly boost their HGH." Remember that anything you put into your body should be completely safe to use, free of side effects, and have no risk of interactions with any medication you're taking.

ProBLEN has developed a safe, effective HGH booster that works through stimulating the body's own production of HGH. Our clinically-proven, FDA-registered formula has no side effects or drug interactions and had been improving the lives of its users for over 20 years.

For those who put extra strain on their body through an active lifestyle, or are recovering from injury or planned surgery, ProBLEN has developed a new, updated formula of HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2. IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) benefits weight loss by limiting the transport of glucose to cells, forcing them to burn already-stored fat, and by reducing the body's storage of fat from food.

Both ProBLEN HGH formulas are available on a subscription basis to help you keep up your routine and continue to benefit from the anti-aging effects of human growth hormone supplementation. If you have any questions, please contact ProBLEN for more information.

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