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A great deal of research goes into the symbiotic relationship each of our ingredients has on one another. For example, when you take our ProBLEN HGH you are not simply getting HGH; you are also getting liver extract to detoxify the liver and pituitary extract to keep your pituitary gland in tip-top condition. Why is the pituitary gland so important?  The pituitary is a small bean-shaped, reddish-gray organ located in the saddle-shaped depression (sella turcica) in the floor of the skull (the sphenoid bone) and attached to the base of the brain by a stalk; it is located near the hypothalamus.

“Your pituitary gland -- and those of all mammals -- produces a variety of hormones with wide-reaching physiologic effects. Your thyroid gland, adrenal glands, bones, muscles, breasts, kidneys, and gonads are all directly influenced by pituitary hormones. Growth, reproduction, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, blood pressure, stress response, milk production and general metabolic rate are governed by your pituitary.” - Livestrong

We include pituitary extract in proBLEN Libido Boosters because time, in general, breaks down the communication between your hormones and your body and brain. The pituitary gland plays an important role in balancing the hormones that affect your sexuality and fertility. The pituitary extract found in our Libido Supplement has micro-doses of a pituitary hormone to stimulate your natural pituitary output, thus relieving the symptoms of an imbalanced pituitary.

“Your pituitary gland, a small, hormone-secreting gland located along the base of your brain, controls a number of physiological processes. The hormones secreted by the gland regulate growth and sexual maturity, blood pressure, metabolism, temperature regulation, and also help to regulate pregnancy and lactation in women. A number of factors contribute to pituitary functioning, and several nutrients from your diet can positively or negatively affect the health of your pituitary.” - Livestrong Pituitary Gland Nutrition

As a “master hormone” ProBLEN realizes the need for pituitary extract to boost the effectiveness of half of our hormone supplements. The homeopathic pituitary extract helps rebuild and re-strengthen the structure of the pituitary gland itself so it is better able to increase the secretion of growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, and DNA/RNA to name a few.  The homeopathic pituitary extract contains substances called somatids which are the true genetic blueprint of the gland. This type of homeopathic which is included contains the pituitary somatids which will allow for healthy support of the gland. Anecdotal reports indicate that pituitary extract promotes the balance of functions within the pituitary gland; helps stimulate the endocrine glands; supports muscle development, strength, and restful sleep.

When you take ProBLEN Hormone Supplements that contain pituitary extract be assured that you are getting the best synergistic combination of ingredients that support your overall health. With ProBLEN you can always be confident you will Live Young and Age Well!

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