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Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to live with poor health!

At ProBLEN, we’ve spent the last twenty years committed to helping our customers reverse the aging process and reach their health goals.

Our name, “ProBLEN,” tells you exactly what we offer—supplements blended by “Pros” in their fields, each product thoughtfully developed by professionals dedicated to your good health. “BLEN” represents the careful process by which these professionals compound and prepare our high quality formulas so you achieve optimal results.

Since 1997, ProBLEN’s been dedicated to one mission—that is helping you “Live Young. Age Well.” Here’s how we do it.

ProBLEN’s Natural Supplements Support the Whole Body

ProBLEN now offers ten different products—natural supplements to help you fight the aging process. Whether you battle fatigue or poor libido, hot flashes, or poor hair and nail growth, ProBLEN has just the right products for you.

Our unique formulas target one or more of your body’s systems to help you maintain overall good health. Take a look at all the different systems of your body our supplements support:

§  Immune System: Supplements support cellular health

§  Endocrine System: Carefully blended supplements to help your thyroid, adrenals and reproductive organs

§  Muscular/Skeletal System: High quality supplements that can improve muscle mass and help you maintain muscle tone

§  Digestive System: Unique formulas that aid digestion and gut health

§  Cardiovascular System: Supplements that support your heart and blood vessels

§  Nervous System: Blended supplements to support your nerves

Our President, Jimmy McClintock expresses it this way, “Our customers are educated about their bodies and the effects of aging. They know that replacing what their bodies lack is the next best thing to the fountain of youth. Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that our products help our customers get the results they desire."

But our commitment to the customer doesn’t end there. We strive to bring you superior, custom blended supplements at unbelievable prices. In fact most of our customers are surprised they can purchase our products for even less than they were paying for lower quality blends.

As ProBLEN continues to expand our product lines—offering more anti-aging nutritional supplements, even products to help your detoxify your body—we aim to keep wellness affordable.

We’re glad you’ve chosen to check out ProBLEN for you’re your anti-aging supplement and wellness needs. Thank you for allowing us to help you, “Live Young. Age Well.”

"In the beginning of ProBLEN, my hopes were to reach individuals who personally cared enough to educate themselves about the effects of aging and what their bodies lacked and needed.
After so many years we continue to be grateful for the thousands of individuals who have, and continue to use the ProBLEN family of products.
Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that our products provide the desired results for those who use them."
Jimmy McClintock,
President at ProBLEN

"My goal has always been to bring superior, custom blended, high-quality supplements to our customers at prices lower than they are accustomed to paying for lower quality supplements.
Now, we continue to expand our Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplement line across the world, providing our customers with more choices for their personal natural anti-aging program."

Johnathan McClintock,
Vice-President at ProBLEN

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