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2 New Natural Formulas to Detox Your Body

You’ve probably heard that detoxification is good for your body. But do you know just how great an impact detoxification can have on your health? proBLENopathy’s two new products: Lung Detox and Metals Detox can help your body stay healthy and energetic, while helping you sleep better and feel happier.

Toxins can invade our bodies from a variety of sources. They’re in the air we breathe and in the food we eat. We’re exposed to a wide variety of toxins each day that can put our bodies on high alert as they stay primed and ready to fight these invaders. Here’s what you need to know about toxins and proBLENopathy’s detox formulas.

Toxins in the Air

proBLENopathy Lung Detox is specially designed to support the detoxification of your lungs? Why is this important? Well, a certain virus that’s dominated the news in 2020-21 may offer one reason. Our lungs pick up pollutants in the air. This can be pollutants like viruses that cause respiratory illness. But, it can also be outdoor pollutants ranging from cigarette smoke to smog to toxins released into the air during manufacturing processes at factories. 

Viral invaders, pollutants and toxins are everywhere and they have an impact on our lungs and our overall health. Symptoms of lung toxicity can include poor concentration, headaches, mental fatigue, muscle aches, shakes, and more. The challenge is—sometimes we attribute the symptoms of toxicity to other things—when really it’s the toxins to blame. Help your body clear the toxins and watch your health be restored. proBLENopathy Lung Detox can help you sleep better, breathe better, and feel better.

Toxic Metals

Metallic toxins can be found in our food, in our water, and in the products we use in our home. Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury can seep into our systems and leave us feeling sick and tired. Over time, metallic toxins can pollute our bodies and cause headaches, poor sleep, mood disruptions, and poor digestion.

There are hidden traces of metals in everything from our Tupperware to our paint. It can be found in the air or in the fillings in our teeth. Over time, these toxins can penetrate the soft tissues of our body and start to leave us feeling bad.

proBLENopathy Metal Detox is a safe and effective way to fight heavy metal exposure. This safe and easy to use product will help your body gently and naturally get rid of toxins so you can feel better.

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