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The ABCs of ProBLEN: S


As a leading supplier and developer of homeopathic hormone boosters, ProBLEN has great experience with the principles of homeopathy and the usefulness of the thousands of natural ingredients people rely on every day to feel their best.

Many homeopathic ingredients have long histories in traditional medicine and have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. Today, homeopathy has allowed us to increase the safety and potency of these ingredients to help modern-day people get their bodies in balance and their health under control.

In this issue of the ABCs of ProBLEN, we're going to discuss ingredients and substances beginning with the letter S. S is for…

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The ABCs of ProBLEN: P

Our main goal at ProBLEN is to provide you with a safe, natural, effective means of restoring your body's natural hormone balances and improving your health and well-being. Our homeopathic hormone boosters are formulated for maximum benefit to you. Of course, this means tons of ingredients that can be confusing!

We introduced our ABCs of ProBLEN series to catalog and explain the ingredients you may be curious about in our hormone boosters. Many of these ingredients have thousands of years' worth of history as natural remedies all over the world, even before their "rediscovery" for use in homeopathy. Others have only become possible to use after scientific advancements allowed them to be extracted or refined for the first time. One of the exciting things about homeopathy is how it brings traditional healing together with modern life!

In this installment of the ABCs of ProBLEN, we're focusing on the letter P. P is for…

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