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Building Immunity? Don't Forget Gut Health


Building immunity is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from disease and illness. Though our immune systems are complex, recent research shows that one of the key components of overall immunity is found in your gut health!


What is gut health?


Simply put: it’s about a health balance of so-called “good” bacteria in your gastro-intestinal system. These microorganisms that live in your GI track are responsible for up to 75% of the immune system. They play a role in preventing diseases, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, chronic obesity, and even mental illness.


Should I just take a probiotic?

There’s been a trend over the last few decades towards taking probiotics. Current research suggests that adding a probiotic can help heal what’s called a “leaky gut.” Additionally, a proper diet plays a key role in gut health. Certain foods and food groups are harder on the GI system than others, so adding a probiotic supplement or fortified probiotic yogurt to a Standard American Diet may not be enough to actually play a role in improving your gut health and your immune system unless you also make some tweaks to what you’re eating.

But, many in functional medicine agree that supplementing with probiotics or prebiotics can help maintain your gut health and play a possible preventive role in the development of other diseases.


Wondering how your gut health is?


There are a few common signs that your gut may be struggling. Some of these are: frequent upset stomach (heartburn, constipation, or bloating), unintentional weight changes, food intolerances, sleep disturbances, and skin flare ups (like eczema).


What else can I do to help my gut health and immunity?


Beyond your diet, healing your gut is also about getting enough sleep, helping your body detox, and finding ways to manage stress. Your body is comprised of complex and intricately woven systems. Treating your body comprehensively is, from a functional medicine standpoint, more helpful than treating just one part. 


At ProBLEN, we create products that naturally and gently stimulate your body to work as it was designed. Our detox products (Air Detox and Metals Detox) can help you cleanse harmful substances from your body which helps all your systems run a little easier and frees your immune system to work at its best. Our popular HGH formulas can help you have more energy, sleep better, and manage your weight which all can have a positive impact on your efforts to improve gut health and strengthen your immune system. 

building your immunity through improving gut health naturally


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