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Caffeine from the Cola Seed

 No, not that kind of cola – I’m talking about the cola seed (also known as the Kola Nut).  It is the seed of evergreens found mostly in the tropical rainforests of Africa and South America and has been a natural source of caffeine for generations.

Many indigenous cultures have used the nut for medicinal or ceremonial purposes – everything from treating breathing disorders to being treated as religious objects during prayers.  And, yes, the Kola nut played a big part in the creation of the ‘original recipe’ for a popular soft drink – although, that recipe no longer calls for this natural form of caffeine.  Artificially made caffeine is simply easier and cheaper to produce (not so ‘original’ anymore, eh?).

Weight Loss Formula With Cola Seed

ProBLEN’s new Weight Loss formula includes the original Kola nut, or cola seed, in a proprietary blend of ingredients.  Taken by itself, the extract from the seed acts as a stimulant – increasing the metabolism and acting as an appetite suppressant.  When mixed together with our other natural fat-fighting additives, the cola seed rocks.

Kola is even sought after instead of ‘regular’ drugs that mimic its natural hunger-suppressing properties because it does not cause the body to become reliant on it.  No addictions here.  In fact, because it is not addictive, there is not the associated ‘come-down’ afterward – a common side effect of other stimulants.

Caffeine That Combats Headaches, Constipation, and Asthma

In supplement form, the Kola extract has also been successful when used to combat headaches, constipation, and asthma – even morning sickness.  The form of caffeine in the seed acts as a natural dilator for both the lungs and the brain.  This means it can aid the ability to pass air more easily in patients with breathing difficulties or help to increase the flow of blood to the head, which helps in cases of a migraine or tension headaches.

ProBLEN has added the cola seed extract, which has the Food and Drug Administration’s full approval as a food additive, to our products to maintain that perfect blend of materials and lifestyle that allow us to Live more productively, Grow in superior ways and Age so well that strangers will ask if our kids are our younger siblings.

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