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Chromium (chromium polynicotinate)
and its properties

The human body is a truly amazing machine. To perform in top working condition, it travels throughout the day, taking nourishment along the way and effortlessly transforming it into the essential elements it needs. It is a shame that we all do not have such a vehicle when it comes to our bodies.


Many factors play into our engine not running at peak efficiency, from the simple fact of aging to being given unfortunate genetic material from our parents,  Most everything the body needs occurs naturally in some form or another inside our biochemistry or can otherwise be easily attained from our environment. Get dehydrated easily? Drink more water. Low iron count in your blood? Eat red meat, poultry or dark green leafy vegetables. Tip the scales one way or another and the body reacts out of need or overindulgence. Too much water can become toxic and too little iron can lead to anemia. Balanced must be maintained for everything.


One such balance can be upset if an optimal amount of chromium – an essential trace element – is not present in the body. Some studies suggest a link with lowered levels of chromium and individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. However, by itself, the metal is not easily absorbed by the body. It is usually necessary to find an alternative source to replenish a deficiency.

 What is chromium Polynicotinate good for?

Chromium polynicotinate is just such a source. Can be found in ProBLEN Weight Loss. It can bind with Niacin (Vitamin B-3) and therefore be taken orally and absorbed very effectively. The National Institute of Health suggests that supplemental chromium helps lower insulin levels and may even decrease weight gain in some Type 2 patients. And, an article from the Supplement Research Foundation indicates that taking niacin-bound chromium, along with regular exercise, showed compelling evidence of serious weight loss in severely overweight women.


Many chromium supplements on the market use chromium picolinate in their products. ProBLEN uses Chromium Polynicotinate as our source for chromium rejuvenation. Both forms are easily absorbed and provide many of the same benefits.


ProBLEN Nutritional Supplements are FDA registered and are completely manufactured – including bottling, labeling, and packaging – in a State and FDA regulated facility. Our products are safe and have shown no side effects.

Get your machine running on all cylinders, take ProBLEN Weight Loss for an effective and a healthy way to Live Young and Age Well.

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