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Which proBLENopathy HGH formula is right for you? 

HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

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proBLENopathy Original HGH


Our Orirignal HGH Formula with clinical results


proBLENopathy HGH Complex

HGH Complex

Hormone Free - Amino Acid Based Formujla


Stimulates Natural Production HGH

Raises Energy Levels

Improves Skin/Hair/Wrinkles

Step 1
Supports Immune System

Supports Immune System

Extra Support for Injury/Surgery Recovery


Amino Acid-Based Formula

What are the benefits of HGH?


HGH Strengthens Muscles

By boosting collagen production and improving muscular strength, hgh increases physical ability. As you become older, your muscle mass starts to deteriorate. Age-related tissue loss is reduced by stimulating lean muscle development.


HGH Helps Quicker Recovery

HGH treatment for healing promotes bone development in athletes and accident sufferers. HGH also promotes cellular renewal, which aids in healing. HGH is used locally to accelerate fracture repair without harming the whole body.


HGH Helps With Weight Loss

The release of growth hormones is frequently restricted in obese people. HGH combined with food limitations causes more weight reduction than diet alone. HGH speeds up the conversion of lipids (fats) into usable energy.


HGH Helps make bones denser

HGH and IGF-1 work together to promote bone formation and resorption, resulting in denser, stronger bones. This may help individuals who are prone to age-related osteoporosis avoid painful fractures later on.


HGH Can Help Lower The Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Reduced body mass and effective lipid metabolism lower the risk of heart disease. Patients with HGH deficiency are less prone to develop fatty plaque blockages.


HGH Is A Natural Testosterone Booster

Male reproductive function and sexual development are controlled by human growth hormone. Sexual drive and erections are lost when HGH levels are low.


HGH Helps With Insulin Resistance and Obesity

Adults with an HGH deficit are prone to insulin resistance and obesity. In double-blind studies, hgh therapy decreased belly fat tissue.


HGH Improves Mood and Cognitive Function

Growth hormone injections enhance the quality of life and psychological well-being of individuals with hgh deficiency. After six months of HGH therapy, attention, cognitive ability, and mood improved in individuals with HGH insufficiency, according to research.


HGH Helps You Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects pituitary and hypothalamic function. Sleep deprivation causes a reduction in HGH production. The sleep-wake cycle may be further disrupted as a result of this.


HGH Helps To Compensate For The Loss Of Natural HGH As You Get Older. 

Reduced fat deposits and improved lean muscle mass are just a few of the advantages you may anticipate. The majority of HGH anti-aging treatments include a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize the benefits.

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