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Homeopathic and Nutritional Supplement Frequently asked questions
1. How do I know that ProBLEN Anti-aging supplements are safe?

All ProBLEN supplements are made by a FDA registered drug manufacturer and a FDA registered Vitamin (Food) Manufacturer.

Homeopathic remedies, including ProBLEN homeopathic products, are regulated by the FDA in the same manner as nonprescription, over-the-counter drugs. Homeopathic products are recognized by the FDA as medicine used to relieve symptoms and treat health conditions. For this reason, the FDA maintains full oversight over ProBLEN’s formulas, manufacturing procedures, product claims, and labeling.

ProBLEN has been awarded a National Drug Code (NDC) number from the FDA for each of its homeopathic products. Plus, each of our supplements meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines for good manufacturing processes. And, all of our supplements are rigorously tested before they’re released for sale.

In other words: ProBLEN’s products are safe, and we have the credentials to prove it. Need more info?

Find evidence that the FDA considers homeopathic products to be OTC Drugs in FDA Compliance Policy Guide #7132.15.

2. Are ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements medicines?

The FDA recognizes ProBLEN homeopathic supplements as medicines able to relieve symptoms and to treat underlying health conditions. Because of this, the FDA maintains full oversight over our many formulations, manufacturing procedures, product claims and labeling. As stated above,  ProBLEN has received a National Drug Code Number from the FDA for each of its homeopathic hormone supplements.

3. Who created ProBLEN’s supplements? Was it a Doctor?

Yes, all ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements were formulated by an extraordinary homeopathic doctor who has successfully used these formulas in his practice for 30 years. Our doctor attended medical school in Italy and homeopathic school in Germany.

4. Are ProBLEN homeopathic supplements non-GMO? Do they contain preservatives?

Yes, ProBLEN homeopathic supplements are preserved with organic corn alcohol, a natural perservative. This insures against the possibility of genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) and eliminates any potential allergic responses to wheat.

5. Is it safe to take several ProBLEN remedies together?

Yes, in fact we recommend pairing our products so you can tackle several of your health concerns at one time. It’s both safe and effective to combine two or more remedies. You can combine them either by spraying them under the tongue—one right after the other, or spray them all into a glass containing an ounce or two of water or juice, then swallow as a single dose.

6. What is the recommended dosage?

Two sprays, three times a day is the recommended dosage for all ProBLEN Hormone Boosters and Detox Supplements. But because ProBLEN formulas are non-toxic, there is no harm in taking additional dosages. We encourage our customers to experiment with what works best for their symptoms. Some find that a standard dosage brings the desired results, while others feel better when they add extra sprays every day.

7. Is it safe to mix ProBLEN remedies with other natural medicines or allopathic drugs?

Yes, it is safe. In most cases, the effectiveness of your ProBLEN product will not be affected. Neither will the effectiveness of other medicines or natural remedies you may use be affected by your use of ProBLEN remedies.

8. Are there any negative side effects to ProBLEN remedies?

No, you should not experience any negative side effects. However, should your body react very quickly to a particular remedy, you may feel some signs of slight discomfort. But don’t worry. This is a positive sign that the remedy is working. To minimize the discomfort, simply reduce your number of sprays in half. After 3 to 4 days you can return to your regular dosage.

9. How long does it take for these homeopathic hormone supplements to start working?

ProBLEN’s homeopathic hormone supplements begin working immediately on the inside or your body, though you may or may not notice any immediate results. Each product varies in the amount of time needed to take full effect. Please read your product’s packaging label and directions for information specific to your formula.

10. Can an overdose occur with ProBLEN supplements?

No. You cannot overdose on ProBLEN homeopathic supplements.

11. Is it OK for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers to use ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements?

Although our homeopathic hormone supplements have no known side effects or contraindications, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should always consult a physician prior to taking ANY medicine, including medicines by ProBLEN. After consulting their doctor, many pregnant or breast-feeding mothers choose to take our supplements because of they’re effective, gentle, and safe. But please note one exception: ProBLEN’s doctors do not recommend that a pregnant or breast-feeding mother take any re-balancing homeopathic hormone supplements.

12. Are ProBLEN’s homeopathic remedies safe for children?

Yes, homeopathic remedies are much safer for children then their pharmaceutical (allopathic) counterparts. However, some ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements are intended for adults only. Please read the product directions and warnings for specific information on each remedy.

13. What is human growth hormone (HGH)?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an important chemical messenger produced by the pituitary gland. During childhood and adolescence, our bodies produce high quantities of HGH to aid and spur growth. But as we age the amount of HGH our body’s produce begins to slow. By 40, blood levels of HGH may be 60% lower than they were at age 20.

When our bodies decrease their production of HGH, we see and feel the so-called signs of aging. But it’s vital for adults to maintain low levels of HGH in order to feel healthy and vital. When HGH levels are too low, our muscle composition declines. We feel less energetic or experience a drop in libido. ProBLEN’s HGH boosting, anti-aging products are designed to help your body naturally restore HGH to an appropriate level to help you feel young again.

14. Where do the hormones in ProBLEN homeopathic supplements come from?

ProBLEN uses only the best quality, pharmaceutically produced hormones in each of its supplements. These bio identical hormones are produced through recombinant technology, an effective process that has been used to make pharmaceutical hormones for the past thirty-years. 

15. Is it safe to take hormones in homeopathic form?

Yes. In fact, the homeopathic form of hormones is a better way to safely supplement your body. Should you have concerns about any of ProBLEN supplements being right for your specific state of health, please consult your doctor prior to use.

16. Is it better to take HGH as a supplement or should I just get an injection?

A safer and better way to see more consistent results when supplementing HGH is to take an FDA-regulated, homeopathic supplement. Injections supply a large amount of hormones all at one time, where as homeopathic supplements naturally increase your body’s own hormone output.

17.  What is the difference between ProBLEN HGH and HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2?

ProBLEN HGH is our original formula designed to help re-balance the pituitary.

HGH plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 has all the benefits of our original HGH formula but includes several additional ingredients including Antler Velvet. Antler Velvet is one of the most versatile multipurpose natural remedies in the world. It supplies your body with several amino acids and growth factors, plus it’s anti-inflammatory, making it one of the most powerful homeopathic ingredients known.

17. How do we know that ProBLEN HGH and HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 work?

ProBLEN HGH and HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 have been successfully used and tested by thousands of individuals. Reports from these users support ProBLEN’s claims. Users experience more energy, better sleep, and improved muscle/fat balance. An independent 5-month double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial demonstrated ProBLEN HGH to be both effective and safe.

18. How long until I feel a difference when using ProBLEN HGH and HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2?

Homeopathic hormone, anti-aging supplements start to work in your body right away, though the changes may feel subtle at first. On average, most people notice marked improvement within 2 to 3 weeks. For some, it takes a week or two longer. Other users reported they felt results in a matter of days. Every body is different and takes a different amount of time to respond.

19. What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a powerful, non-toxic system of medicine that is recognized and regulated by the FDA since 1938. In ordinary pharmaceutical medicines, this combination—powerful and non-toxic—is rare. Instead of chemicals, homeopathy uses a full range of botanical, mineral, and animal-derived ingredients. The science of homeopathy dates back more than 200 years.

Based on the premise that certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s own healing systems, homeopathy inspires the body to heal itself. After relieving symptoms, correctly formulated homeopathy works to reestablish your body’s internal order at the deepest levels. Because very small doses are used, this can be accomplished without negative side effects.

20. How Do ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements work?

ProBLEN homeopathic hormone supplements follow one homeopathy’s most traditional principles, that is: like cures like. ProBlen’s supplements provide small doses of what your body lacks to avoid negative side effects while providing effective symptom relief.

You’ll notice our products often have more ingredients than others. That’s because ProBLEN’s supplements also include ingredients that detoxify the body, improve organ function, support immunity, and ensure healthy metabolism. The holistic nature of ProBLEN’s supplements gives them an advantage over similar supplements on the market.

21. What Does the X or C Mean Next to Each Active Ingredient?

In homeopathy, a number in front of the letters X or C designates the potency of ingredients. The letter X indicates that an ingredient has undergone a 1 to 10 dilution and the letter C indicates a 1 to 100 dilution.

22. Is it best to take ProBLEN supplement(s) before or after a meal?

Take your ProBLEN homeopathic hormone boosters and detox supplement sprays before a meal. The most important thing to remember when timing your supplements is to have a clean mouth free of any food or flavor particles (including mint and coffee). Because our homeopathic sprays are absorbed into your system within seconds, you can take different ProBLEN supplements back to back. You only have to wait a minute or two after using the sprays before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. ProBLEN’s nutritional supplements, may be best taken after a meal, depending on the sensitivity of your stomach.

23. How to store your homeopathic medicines?

Store your homeopathic medicines in a cool place such as a drawer or cupboard, away from strong sunlight.

Keep them away from strong smells such as essential oils or eucalyptus vapor rubs. 

Do not keep them next to equipment that emits a strong electromagnetic field like computers, cell phones, or hands free home phones. Your homeopathic medicine should not be x-rayed when it can be avoided.