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Can Energy Drinks Be Fatal?

There is always that extra project to finish, more studying for midterms, there’s another load of laundry to wash or a movie to finish watching.  Check out what I have written about another benefit to getting a good night’s sleep.  The problem with staying up late begins when the alarm goes off, (weekends excluded in some cases).  The time we get up is always the same.  We have to go to school or work, to get the kids up and fed.  The day starts very early and very fast and stays that way until we can again, blessedly, drift off to Slumber land.

People deal with this in many different ways; an early brisk walk or jog can get the juices flowing, a cup of java (about 65% of American coffee drinkers start their day with a cup), cold showers or simple breathing, stretching exercises.  But then a few hours pass and the droning of the teacher’s mono-tone voice or the words and figures we’re calculating for our TPS reports weight down our eyelids.  That’s when we grab another coffee, eat another donut or splash more water in our face.  Then there are those that reach for a little plastic shot of “5-Hour Energy” – a highly caffeinated drink that has been at the forefront of an investigation into its alleged association to hospitalizations and, in some cases, fatalities over a four year period.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

A recent New York Times article has reported that quick energy drinks – like Monster or 5-Hour Energy – have “possible involvement” to 13 or more deaths*.  In the filings (with the Food and Drug Administration) they cite that there have been another 90 cases linked with heart attacks, convulsions, and a single report of spontaneous abortion as well as other serious, life-threatening maladies.  To be fair, just a filing of such a case isn’t a smoking gun.  These links are hard to track down due to their “fragmentary nature.”  Statements from the makers of these drinks do stress that they are “unaware of any deaths” with a proven association to consumption of their products.

As with anything, we must have a balance.  Sure, a quick fix can help us continue our active lifestyles, but it’s only temporary.  We must take time to rest and relax and get out of these modes of running, running, running.  If we don’t stop and breath every now and again, we will end up in the hospital, or someplace worse.  Getting a good night’s rest is difficult, but can be achieved if we work at it.

HGH, A Healthier Alternative

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Take control of your Life.  It is in your hands to live it in good health and spirited while staying vigorous and strong.  Let us to help you on the road to Aging Well.

 *We here at ProBLEN care about the tragic loss of any life and would like to extend words of comfort to the families of the victims.

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