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Most of us get up in the mornings, have our normal eggs and pancakes breakfasts, fiber bars, or muffins and donuts and go about our day until lunchtime.  Around midday, we then eat a standard meal that will bide us until we get home and have supper.  Basically, our systems are used to some sort of routine of two or three (sometimes more) food breaks per day.  Tiny portions, large plates, mid-meal snack packs, fruit – it doesn't matter.  Your body is used to whatever you eat on a regular basis.

And, yes, we do throw that balance out of sync at times during the week – going to a buffet (have to cram as much food as you can to make the meal worth it), business lunches at fancier than you would normally eat restaurants, lost fights with our sweet-tooths (teeth?) – all these and more give a shove to our rhythms and turn the standard breakdown of calories and nutrition.  But nothing is like this Season to really shake things up on our insides.

Digestive Enzyme & Probiotic With Your Food

A regular diet allows time for the enzymes in our digestive region to do the job of breaking down our food and turning it into usable nutrients. These enzymes are found naturally in food, but most cooking temperatures destroy or severely deplete their numbers.  Shove irregular type foods into our stomachs, especially over a long period like Thanksgiving Day – let’s be honest, when else do you combine a large bird dinner with sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce?  – and you have, pardon the pun, a recipe for trouble.  That’s part of the reason most of us get tired after such a big meal (tryptophan aside).  Our ordered bodily functions are reacting to the perceived attack on our digestion and thereby shut down non-essential utilities.

Of greater concern is that if the lessening of adequate enzymes continues, as it can even once you return to a ‘normal’ life, you may be more apt to get sick or have a greater percentage of the nutrients stored as body fat instead of going to more productive areas.  To help restore stability, taking a dietary supplement, like ProBLEN’s New Digestive Enzyme/Probiotic formula can assist you through the up and downs of the Holidays.  You can also team up on your body by adding a Multi Plus vitamin to your regimen.  That way you can maintain a healthy metabolism while slamming back some of that deep-fried turkey.


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