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It’s the beginning of January and that means the holiday season is over – time to get back to our regular schedules and normal routines.  We’ve all probably ate too much, exercised too little and generally let ourselves rest a bit more than necessary.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, as long as we get back up and back on track.  That small break the past few weeks have allowed us to take is a reality check that shows what and how we would feel if that were to be our daily lives.

Using ProBlen's Sleep Supplement To Aid You!

Without a regular amount of exercise or normal hours of sleep, our bodies can react irregularly – we can feel more tired during waking hours or suffer soreness in the unused muscles and joints.  On top of the obvious signs, lack of sleep can also be linked to higher levels of heart disease, obesity and even an increased chance of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  To help get back to (and maintain) a regular, restful pattern, add ProBLEN’s Sleep-Aid supplement to your bedtime routine.  One of the ingredients, niacin (vitamin B3), in particular is a terrific addition to your regimen that helps you bounce back from the recent holiday stress.  It helps in the conversion of higher cortisone levels into serotonin (the part of that Thanksgiving turkey that makes you sleepy after the big meal).

Not only as a benefit for reaching slumberland, but the Sleep-Aid supplement may also assist in relieving your seasonal blues.  Cortisone is released by the adrenal glands as a stress response.  As mentioned earlier, by converting some of the hormone into the serotonin neurotransmitter, niacin assists you by shortening the time it takes to fall asleep.  Plus, increased serotonin is also believed to be a contributing factor in the mind’s ability to feel happy and have an overall positive sense of well-being.

So, start using ProBLEN’s natural Sleep-Aid supplement now and you’ll have a much shorter recovery period in the New Year.  That feeling of joy we had while leaving our regular lives has lessened now that we’re back in the grind.

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