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It’s fairly common knowledge that a person can live about 8-14 days without water, and about 4 weeks without food, but do you know how long you can go without sleep? According to Scientific American, a person can stay awake for 11 days without serious permanent physical repercussions, although they have serious psychological side effects after 3 days. (www.scientificamerican.com) It is also common knowledge that prescription sleeping pills can be habit forming and only lead to greater anxiety and insomnia. Now studies show that prescription sleeping pills can be fatal.

According to a study by Daniel F Kripke, Robert D Langer, and Lawrence E Kline, “if you take as little as one or two sleeping pills a month you are statistically three and a half times more likely to die than someone who takes none.
• Patients receiving prescriptions for zolpidem, temazepam, and other hypnotics [aka "sleeping pills"] suffered over four times the mortality as the matched hypnotic-free control patients.
• Even patients prescribed fewer than 18 hypnotic doses per year experienced increased mortality, with greater mortality associated with greater dosage prescribed.
Among patients prescribed hypnotics, cancer incidence was increased for several specific types of cancer, with an overall cancer increase of 35% among those prescribed high doses.” (http://healthbeatnews.com/dying-for-a-good-nights-sleep/)
There is even a significantly increased risk of death, including fatal cancer risks, with just an infrequent use of these drugs.

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